Rules of the Road

There are a number of additional laws that apply when operating an Implement of Husbandry (IoH) or an Agricultural Commercial Motor Vehicle (Ag CMV) on the highway.  Everyone using Wisconsin roads has the responsibility to know the laws that apply for the vehicle they are driving or operating. Here are a few laws more specific to agricultural vehicles.

s. 346. 05(g) Wis. Stats – Wide IoH with required lighting and marking requirements may:

  • Extend over the center of road into the lane intended for travel in opposite direction.
  • Extend into passing lane on a 3-lane highway.
  • Extend into another lane intended for travel in the same direction, if it does not impede other vehicles from the rear.

However, operators :

  • Must yield the right-of -way to an oncoming vehicle and yield half the roadway.[ s. 346.06 Wis. Stats.]
  • May not drive on the left side of the roadway on a grade or curve or area designated as no passing zone if it creates a hazard to oncoming traffic. [s. 346.09(02) Wis. Stats.]
  • May not drive so slowly as to impede the normal movement of traffic.
  • Must, if practicable, yield the roadway to an overtaking vehicle.

s. 346.09 (3)(b) Wis. Stats – The operator of a vehicle may drive on the left side of the center of a roadway on any portion thereof which has been designated a no-passing zone, as described in par. (a), to overtake and pass, with care, any vehicle, except an implement of husbandry or agricultural commercial motor vehicle, traveling at a speed less than half of the applicable speed limit at the place of passing.

Other agricultural-related road laws

s. 346.51 Wis. Stats. Stopping, standing or parking outside of business or residence districts.
(1) No person shall park, stop or leave standing any vehicle, whether attended or unattended, upon the roadway of any highway outside a business or residence district when it is practical to park, stop or leave such vehicle standing off the roadway, but even the parking, stopping or standing of a vehicle off the roadway of such highway is unlawful unless the following requirements are met:
(a) An unobstructed width of at least 15 feet upon the roadway of such highway must be left opposite such standing vehicle for the free passage of other vehicles.
(b) Such standing vehicle must be capable of being seen by operators of other vehicles from a distance of 500 feet in each direction along such highway.

s. 346.21 Wis. Stats. Right-of-way of livestock. The operator of a motor vehicle shall yield the right-of-way to livestock being driven over or along any highway but any person in charge of such livestock shall use reasonable care and diligence to open the roadway for vehicular traffic.


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