Plarn Mats Project Activity Plan – 2nd Annual Wisconsin 4-H Statewide Service Learning Project

According to, about one trillion single-use plastic bags are used every day in the U.S. We’ve created a service project to put plastic bags to good use and help those in our community who are experiencing homelessness.

Youth involved in the Plarn Mats project will learn how to create plastic yarn (plarn) from bags, and then crochet those bags into mats. The mats will be donated to local organizations.

The full activity plan includes an overview of the whole project as well as separate instructions for different parts of the project:

  • Making decisions about your plarn mats project
  • Collecting and sorting bags
  • Cutting plastic bags into loops
  • Making plastic loops into plarn
  • Crocheting the plarn mat
  • Donating the plarn or plarn mats
Check out the web page for more information (including instructional videos):