Project Presentations

Each LWC year concludes with a graduation where participants are able to present projects they have been working on throughout the LWC year.  The Project Presentations are inspired by the Community Issues that are unique to each class.  

CLASS XIX (2018-19)

Building Social Capital in Waupaca County | Team Members: Angie Nielsen, Sue Popham, Taylor Sorenson

Operation Opportunity | Team Members: Heather DeGrand, Casey Gardner, Don Heise, Wendy Hoppa, Bryce Mares

The State of Access to Internet and Mobile in Waupaca County | Team Members: Jeff Simon, Thiago Souza, Annette Spieth

A Study of the Issues Surrounding Drug Use and the Need for a Drug Treatment Program within Waupaca County | Team Members: Alison Acker, Eric Johnson


CLASS XVIII (2017-2018)


CLASS XVII (2016-17)



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