Welcoming New Families to Your Club

Making new families in your 4-H Club feel welcome will help your club be more successful.  Here are some ideas you can implement to make sure new families feel welcome:

  • Play interactive games to get acquainted.
  • Establish a welcoming committee—an ideal group might be the club officers. They greet people as they come to meetings and club events, answer any questions they have and make sure they are involved in club events and activities.
  • At the end of each meeting, the club leader or officers, announce that if anyone needs any additional information, to please ask the officers or a leader before leaving the meeting.
  • Share with new families what is expected of them throughout the year. Parent involvement and support of their children typically increases the success of 4-H members.  If your club expects each family to sign up for certain things through the year, snacks, demos, transportation, let them know what those might be early on.


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