Where to Find 4-H Information

Often we are asked where can I go to find out about all that 4-H offers.  There are several places …

  • For people who have access to information in an electronic format, we created the Lincoln County 4-H News blog – http://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/lincolncounty4H/ . When items come in we post them to the Lincoln County 4-H News blog. Individuals, who subscribe to the blog, receive an email once a week that lists the items that were posted to the blog that week. They can then easily click on the link to read more information about the items they are interested in.  By only sending one email a week on Friday, subscriber’s email inbox aren’t being bombarded daily as we post things to the blog. If you are not a subscriber, we would encourage you to do so and see how this works.
  • We also post items on the Lincoln County UW-Extension Face Book page at https://www.facebook.com/lincoln.extension. If you use Face Book and are not our friend, we would encourage you to do so.  You can also use #lincolncowi4h to search for Lincoln County 4-H posts.
  • Lincoln County 4-H Express newsletter – Whenever possible we try to include information in the bi-monthly newsletter that is mailed to every 4-H household. In some cases we receive the information too late and the dates will pass before people receive the newsletter so we are unable to include it.

In addition to these three items, we also continually update 4-H information on the Lincoln County UW-Extension website http://lincoln.extension.wisc.edu/.  You will find links to both the Lincoln County 4-H News blog and our Lincoln County UW-Extension Face Book page along with the Lincoln County 4-H Express newsletters for the past year.  All of our websites and blogs load correctly on mobile phones, which should help those of you who use your phone as your primary internet source.


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