Remember… it’s not about the color of the ribbon

We are looking forward to another successful Lincoln County Fair with lots of Junior Division exhibits. While it’s great to have lots of Junior Division exhibits at the fair, what’s really important is what the youth learned throughout their involvement in 4-H, in the project, and in the process of making or preparing their exhibit. Some youth enter lots of fair items but may have learned very little, while others limit the number of fair entries but have developed many new technical and life skills.

Focusing on the number of awards, color of ribbons, and amount of premium money is not the best way to gauge how much of an impact 4-H has had on you. What you learn, and how that knowledge or skills can be applied in other ways in your life is the true measure of the impact of 4-H. With the Lincoln County Fair less than 3 months away, now is the time for parents and 4-H leaders to help youth assess the real impact of their 4-H involvement.

Don’t forget that fair entry forms are due on or before July 15th. There will be no exceptions to this deadline. Also, remember it’s your responsibility to review the handbook to be sure you follow all the guidelines and enter your exhibits at the correct time and day of the fair. If you have questions about a particular department, please contact the Department Superintendent for that department. The Department Superintendent and their phone number is listed in the front of the Fair Exhibitor Handbook and at the beginning of each department. These are the best individuals to answer your questions.


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