Spanish Language Factsheets Available

A Spanish language fact sheet on Wisconsin’s Public Records Law , or Ley de Registros Publicos,  became the most recent effort by the Local Government Center’s effort to inform on important local government laws and issues, as well as reach out to Wisconsin’s Spanish speaking residents. The Spanish Recordslanguage fact sheet joins the Open Meetings Law  (Ley de Reuniones Abiertas de Wisconsin) fact sheet, which was translated into Spanish in 2011.

 Fact sheets on local government topics are a staple of the services from the Local Government Center provides. Two of the most downloaded fact sheets of the Center are the ones on Open Meetings Law and Public Records Law. They were obvious choices to be translated into Spanish. Multilingualism has a long history in Wisconsin. Most notably, Wisconsin’s first Constitution was published in English, German and Norwegian so as to reach all communities in the state even though English has been the predominantly spoken language.(See Legislative Reference Bureau Brief 02-10.)  The Local Government Center is will continue to work to provide access to its information for better governance and participation by all.