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Farm field of corn in the late afternoon/early evening.

Meet Your Local Agriculture Agents/Conozca a sus agentes agrícolas locales

Due to the technological advances and the ever changing world of agriculture, producers and agribusiness clientele are becoming more specialized with a need for more detailed information.  UW-Extension staff needed to accommodate growers and agribusiness needs in order to deliver quality, educational programming.  Therefore, seven counties in central Wisconsin formed the Central Wisconsin Agricultural Specialization […]


It’s Heating Up, So Keep Your Livestock Comfortable

Westfield, WI; July 17, 2019 It’s fair week and one thing is for sure… it’s going to be a hot one this year.  With all of the days of the fair forecasted to be in the 80s or above (except for Sunday), it is important that all livestock exhibitors have a game plan in place […]

Goat artificial insemination student swabbing a goat to check viscosity of the mucus to help determine breeding readiness

2019 Goat Artificial Insemination Clinic

Artificial Insemination (AI) has been a powerful tool in the agriculture industry for many years. AI allows producers to improve the genetic progress of their herd by using top quality sires from around the world. A goat Artificial Insemination course will be held on June 19 and June 20 at the Fond du Lac County […]

Ground Cherry in husk

Ground Cherries

Ground cherries are an old-fashioned garden favorite that is in the nightshade family, the same family that includes tomatoes and peppers.  These unique “fruits” are about the size of a cherry tomato and are hidden away inside a papery outer husk. The fruity flavor of the ground cherry lends itself well to use in salads, […]

round hay bale in field at sunset

Reducing livestock hay loss over winter

Feed costs tend to be one of the most costly parts of caring for livestock- whether for horses, cattle, sheep or goats.  One large component of feed cost is how much hay your critters are using (or wasting). A University of Minnesota study evaluated the use of nine different types of round bale feeders for […]



Growing vegetables doesn’t have to be boring.  This week’s featured vegetable is the kohlrabi. The kohlrabi is known best for its enlarged above ground stem.  That’s right STEM.  It is used in stir fries or eaten raw.  It has a light cabbage flavor.  It grows best in cool weather.

pig laying in corn stalk bedding

African swine fever: why should we care?

In this day and age of global economies, we get inundated with all kinds of information of what is going on in the US and the world.  Not a day goes by that don’t hear about a natural disaster or disease outbreak in another country.  We hope the next disaster or disease won’t be here […]

Wood chip path leading into the Spooner Agriculture Research Station AAS Display Garden. The path is surrounded by summer-blooming perennials, shrubs of different colors and textures, and markers identifying each type of plant.

All-American Selection Winners Perform

Are you constantly in search of flowers and vegetables that grow well in this area?  You might want to check out the All-American Selection (AAS) winners.  All-America Selections is an independent non-profit organization that tests new, never-before-sold varieties for the home gardener.  It is the only non-profit plant trialing organization in the US. Some varieties […]

handful of colorful vegetables-yellow and purple cauliflower and carrots in a garden setting

January 2019 Central Wisconsin Agricultural Extension Report

The January edition of the Central Wisconsin Agricultural Extension Report has been released. Inside you will find articles on: Processing vegetable crops meeting Budgeting, cost-sharing, and managed grazing Farming your finances Does this investment make cents? BQA certification Industrial hemp meeting PQA training Pesticide applicator training and more!

beef cow and calf on dormant pasture

Shifting Calving Time

With the new year just upon us, it might seem a bit early to be thinking about calving if you are a beef farmer.  However, if you are an early calving farm starting the calving season in February, now may be the time to adjust your feeding schedule to get more of your calves born […]

booted feet & legs on snow

Prevent salt injury to your plants this winter

By Alana Voss, UW-Extension Agriculture Educator for Juneau and Sauk Counties The first day of winter is on Friday and we all know what comes with winter… snow and ice. We all do what we can to battle the icy sidewalks and roads, but have you ever stopped to think about how the ice melt […]