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Farm field of corn in the late afternoon/early evening.

Meet Your Local Agriculture Agents/Conozca a sus agentes agrícolas locales

Due to the technological advances and the ever changing world of agriculture, producers and agribusiness clientele are becoming more specialized with a need for more detailed information.  UW-Extension staff needed to accommodate growers and agribusiness needs in order to deliver quality, educational programming.  Therefore, seven counties in central Wisconsin formed the Central Wisconsin Agricultural Specialization […]

Ground Cherry in husk

Ground Cherries

Ground cherries are an old-fashioned garden favorite that is in the nightshade family, the same family that includes tomatoes and peppers.  These unique “fruits” are about the size of a cherry tomato and are hidden away inside a papery outer husk. The fruity flavor of the ground cherry lends itself well to use in salads, […]



Growing vegetables doesn’t have to be boring.  This week’s featured vegetable is the kohlrabi. The kohlrabi is known best for its enlarged above ground stem.  That’s right STEM.  It is used in stir fries or eaten raw.  It has a light cabbage flavor.  It grows best in cool weather.

handful of colorful vegetables-yellow and purple cauliflower and carrots in a garden setting

January 2019 Central Wisconsin Agricultural Extension Report

The January edition of the Central Wisconsin Agricultural Extension Report has been released. Inside you will find articles on: Processing vegetable crops meeting Budgeting, cost-sharing, and managed grazing Farming your finances Does this investment make cents? BQA certification Industrial hemp meeting PQA training Pesticide applicator training and more!

red chicken walking on shavings

2018-19 Wisconsin Licensed Poultry Slaughter Facilities

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection recently released the 2018-19 Meat Establishment Directory.  A subset of this directory is facilities that are licensed to perform poultry slaughter.  The sheet below is color-coordinated to help you quickly see which facilities are inspected.  The green lines are inspected facilities and the yellow lines are […]

field of lodged corn (corn bent over near roots)

October 2018 Central Wisconsin Agricultural Extension Report

The October edition of the Central Wisconsin Agricultural Extension Report has been released. Inside you will find articles on: Meet two new ag agents Handling flooded and down corn Fall cover crop options Recovering flooded forages Grazing warm season grasses Controlling replacement costs and more

hand holding ripe red cherry tomatoes in front of a green lawn background

Dried tomatoes

Sick of canning tomatoes or don’t want to can, but also still want to preserve some of the fruit for later?  Try drying tomatoes.

speckled cow on pasture with barn and silos in background.

Soil Fertility Guidelines for Pastures

As we start to enter the harvest season, it is also a good time to think about completing soil testing for the upcoming growing season. The publication A4034 Soil Fertility Guidelines for Pastures in Wisconsin provides some context about where to test in pastures, where NOT to test, and some general guidelines about liming and […]

Hereford and black baldie cows on pasture with wooded background and clear blue sky.

Short on Pasture?

Are you getting short on pasture?  Take a look at publication A3902, Extending grazing and reducing stored feed needs.