Marketing Cattle

Simmental cow-calf pair on pasture.  Calf is nursing on dam.Thinking through HOW you are going to be marketing your cattle and not just when you are going to be marketing can seem like a big chore.  Time spent analyzing how your current marketing is going is time well spent as there are likely many opportunities to improve the price you are receiving for your cattle.  You may find that you have an ideal set-up for a niche market opportunity that you didn’t realize even existed before evaluating where and when you are marketing your animals.

Check out this publication from Georgia that walks through a lot of the considerations necessary to be successful and profitable in marketing your cattle.  Note that costs and incomes are from Georgia and you will need to factor in current costs and incomes for your area, but the principles discussed in this information can apply to any cattle marketing.

View the Profitable Cattle Marketing for the Cow-Calf Producer Information

Current Budgets for Wisconsin beef enterprises can be found from the Wisconsin Beef Information Center website.

View Beef Budgets from the Wisconsin Beef Information Center