Bilingual videos on agricultural chemical safety for dairy farm employees

New bilingual videos on Agricultural Chemical Safety for Dairy Farm Employees are now available: View the bilingual videos on Agricultural Chemical Safety for Dairy Farm Employees

The videos covered in the series are (English/Spanish):

  • Introduction to agricultural chemical safety/Introducción a seguridad de químicos agrícolas
  • Dermal exposure to chemicals/Exposición dermal a químicos
  • Inhalation exposure to chemicals/Exposición por inhalación a químicos
  • Eye exposure to chemicals/Exposición a ojos a químicos

Objectives of the video series are to educate dairy farm employees about the potential risks of handling agricultural chemicals and the safety measures to keep themselves safe. Since many employees own smartphones, videos are available on YouTube to provide easy access.

Below is what the translated video looks like.  The link above has both versions within the playlist for all four of the videos that is a part of this series.

Thank you for the financial support of Professional Dairy Producers Foundation, UW Center for Agriculture Safety & Health, Brown County and Jackson County UW-Extension


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