Private Pesticide Applicator Training

Potato blight spraying system, photo by Chafer Machinery, Retrieved via wikimedia commons.

Photo by Chafer Machinery, Retrieved via wikimedia commons.

Private pesticide applicator certification is required to purchase and use restricted use pesticides.  Private certification is not intended for commercial applicators.  Certification programs include three hours of instruction that is facilitated by UW-Extension and administration of the test, provided by the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. Permits issued are valid for five years.

If you wish to stop in to pick up the training manual  the cost is $30.  The manual includes your registration form.   This form is required to take the exam which is an open book exam so a manual is included with your registration.  It is recommended that you register and obtain the manual about one week ahead of time so that we can be sure to have an exam on-hand for you.

In addition to training sessions with the exam given at the end, you may elect to purchase the book, review the material, and call the UW Extension Office when you are ready to take the exam.  We can give the exam to you in our office.  Please allow at least two hours to take the exam.  This program offers DATCP certification for private pesticide applicators.  The standards on the test are higher for those participating in the self-study program.

Please be sure to bring your manual with the registration form for the exam.  In addition, Wisconsin requires that any person taking a certification exam must provide positive identification (a driver’s license is a common form of ID) and your Social Security Number.  Other acceptable forms of positive ID are:  a photo ID; your birth certificate plus another form of identification; or Social Security number plus another form of identification.

If you have any questions, please call the Marquette County UW-Extension office at 608-297-3141.