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What’s new at the Arlington Research Station?

Dung beetles may sound like disgusting insects, but their value to the beef grazing and cattle production industry should not be overlooked. This project was conducted at the UW Arlington Agricultural Research Station (AARS) Beef Grazing unit during the summer of 2012.

Pasture managers are interested in dung beetles because these insects have beneficial roles in the microenvironment of a dung pat that positively impacts the larger pasture ecosystem. Dung beetles may play a significant role in controlling horn fly populations. Horn flies also use dung to reproduce and the adults are biting insects that feed on the blood of cattle and other grazing livestock. Their pesky biting behavior can greatly reduce cattle weight gains, reduce vitality, and may cause animal injuries as the cattle try to stop their annoying blood-sucking bites… Read the full report on Investigating the Dung Beetle at Arlington.


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