Dairy Beef

cowRaising dairy steers for meat requires some different management than for beef cattle.  Here are some helpful links to resources to get you started with raising dairy beef.

WI Beef Information Center page on Dairy Beef
Managing Holstein Steers For Beef Production
Managing & Feeding Holstein Steers From Purchase to 350 lbs.
Managing & Feeding Holstein Steers From Birth to 350 lbs.
Tools for Optimizing Feedlot Production

ATTRA: Dairy Beef

University of Minnesota Extension Dairy Beef page

Iowa State University Extension: So You Want to Raise Holstein Steers-Will It Pay?
University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Feeding & Managing Holstein Steers
University of Minnesota Extension: Holstein Feeding Programs
2007 Review paper in Veterinary Clinics Food Animal Practice Journal: Feeding Holstein Steers From Start to Finish


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