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Fall harvest safety

Along with shorter days and cooler temperatures comes the fall harvest.  Everyone on the farm knows this means there is a lot of work to be done in a short amount of time.  The unusually wet fall has led to impatience to get out in the fields and get harvest done. One of the first […]

Green tractor and wagon on paved road with double solid line being followed by a white SUV.

Safe driving during harvest

With the fall harvest also comes farmers with tractors and equipment on the roads.  When you see a tractor ahead of you, please start slowing down from an adequate distance.  Often the farm equipment is moving slower than you anticipate, so you will catch up quicker than you think you will.  “A passenger car traveling at 55 miles per hour approaches a tractor traveling in the same direction at 15 miles per hour at a rate of 59 feet per second.  If the car does not slow down, it reduces the distance between itself and the tractor by the length of a football field in just 5 seconds.” The average driver of a car traveling at 55 mph would take 224 feet to stop, leaving the driver in the above mentioned scenario only a few seconds to decide to slow down to avoid a collision. 

farm equipment going down road.

Slow down for farm vehicles as we enter the harvest season

Transportation Tidbit: Do not pass in a no passing zone If you will be traveling rural roadways this fall, remember to leave a few minutes early in case you end up following farm equipment. It is illegal to pass farm equipment in a no passing zone, even if it is going less than half the […]