Foto del parto de la vaca, utilizado con permiso. Foto por Sandy Stuttgen, Condado de Taylor UW-Extension.

Serie de video de parto lechero

Se está desarrollando una nueva serie de videos para ayudar a los trabajadores lecheros a manejar el proceso de parto. Puede ver el primer video de la serie a continuación. Aplicación apropiada de cadenas obstétricas a los pies y las piernas para ayudar al parto El video anterior muestra la forma correcta de aplicar cadenas […]

Photo of cow calving, used with permission. Photo by Sandy Stuttgen, Taylor County UWEX.

Dairy Calving Video Series

A new video series is being developed to help dairy workers that managing the calving process.  You can view the first video of the series below. Properly Applying Obstetrical Chains to Feet and Legs to Assist Calving The above video shows the correct way of applying obstetrical chains to the feet and legs of a […]

orange circle indicating 70% rebate for costs to retrofit tractors with a rollover protection system

Tractor rollbar rebates available

Tractor overturns are the leading cause of farm-related deaths. That’s why it’s so important that each tractor have a rollover protective structure (ROPS). The Wisconsin ROPS Rebate Program reimburses owners up to 70 percent (maximum of $865) toward the total cost of purchasing, shipping and installing individual ROPS. Wisconsin tractor owners can apply for a […]

Farm field of corn in the late afternoon/early evening.

Meet Your Local Agriculture Agents/Conozca a sus agentes agrícolas locales

Due to the technological advances and the ever changing world of agriculture, producers and agribusiness clientele are becoming more specialized with a need for more detailed information.  UW-Extension staff needed to accommodate growers and agribusiness needs in order to deliver quality, educational programming.  Therefore, seven counties in central Wisconsin formed the Central Wisconsin Agricultural Specialization […]

Picture of a messy desk.

OSHA Recordkeeping

Do you have over 10 farm employees?  If you answered yes, you might want to check out the OSHA Recordkeeping Requirement Webinar Recording on the Ag Safety website.  According to Cheryl Skjolaas, Agricultural Safety Specialist, “This information would apply to any ag operation that fall under the OSHA 1928 Agricultural standards. OSHA can only enforce on […]


Gas Monitors

With the recent manure gas incident in Wisconsin, there has been increased interest in safety around manure handling equipment.  Below is an informational article on gas monitors. Provided by UW Extension Farm Safety Specialist Cheryl Skjolaas Investing in a gas monitor – Which one should I buy? Recent incidents with loss of life – human […]

Photo of the head & neck of a Holstein cow.

The Dairy Partner/ El Compañero

The Dairy Partner/ El Compañero website hosts the archive of the bimonthly dual-language newsletter for dairy farm employees.  The newsletter has articles available in Spanish and English.  The newsletter articles are written by UW-Extension agriculture agents and state specialists.  From the website: “The purpose of this newsletter is to provide information directly to farm employees to help them improve […]


Implements of Husbandry

Do you have questions on the Implements of Husbandry (IoH)?  The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture has a video series on YouTube to help you understand the changes.  In addition to this helpful video series, Cheryl Skjolaas, the UW-Extension Safety Specialist has an Implements of Husbandry website to keep you up to date with the latest IoH […]