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Due to the holiday nature of today, we thought we should promote a relevant UW-Extension resource.  The highlight of the day is “Common Spiders in and Around Homes“.  Spiders can be a source of much fear, but this guide will help you identify what arachnid you are dealing with and bring you recommended control solutions.

blueberries on plant

Blueberry Leaf Rust

A minor disease of blueberries that crops up on occasion is blueberry leaf rust. With the moist fall conditions we have been having, don’t be surprised if you see some on your blueberries.

honey bee on purple flower

Bee Removal

Our office often gets the question, “I have a swarm of bees on my property, who do I contact to remove them?” You can find a bee removal expert by clicking on the button below.


Water and Soil Testing Services

The UW-Extension Office offers two different types of testing. The first one is for your drinking water and the second is soil sampling. The prices for both of these are now available online

Emerald Ash Borer on a penny. Photo from https://datcpservices.wisconsin.gov/eab

Emerald Ash Borer Found in Marquette County

News release from Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection: EAB Confirmed in Marquette, Richland Counties for First Time Release Date: 8/6/15 Contact: Donna Gilson 608-224-5130, donna.gilson@wi.gov Bill Cosh, Communications Director 608-224-5020, william2.cosh@wisconsin.gov MADISON – Marquette County will become the 38th Wisconsin county to be quarantined for emerald ash borer, following discovery of the […]

Spotted wing drosophila (male and female) against a penny for scale. Photo by Phil Pellitteri, UW Insect Diagnostic Lab.

Spotted Wing Drosophila Found in Marquette County

Spotted Wing Drosophila has been confirmed in Marquette County today.  This is a pest of all soft-skinned fruit crops, including strawberries, raspberries, grapes, and others.  The Insect Diagnostic Lab is maintaining a Spotted Wing Drosophila website that houses loads of information on this insect, including identification, management, and monitoring strategies.

Flowering wild cucumber growing on a fence.

Wild Cucumber

Have you been noticing a bright green vine that has been climbing up trees and fencelines this summer?  What you are seeing is Wild Cucumber (Echinocystis lobata), a member of the Cucurbitaceae family which includes cucumbers, squash, and melons.  Wild cucumber is a native plant of Wisconsin and most of North America.  Additional information on […]