orange circle indicating 70% rebate for costs to retrofit tractors with a rollover protection system

Tractor rollbar rebates available

Tractor overturns are the leading cause of farm-related deaths. That’s why it’s so important that each tractor have a rollover protective structure (ROPS). The Wisconsin ROPS Rebate Program reimburses owners up to 70 percent (maximum of $865) toward the total cost of purchasing, shipping and installing individual ROPS. Wisconsin tractor owners can apply for a […]


Gas Monitors

With the recent manure gas incident in Wisconsin, there has been increased interest in safety around manure handling equipment.  Below is an informational article on gas monitors. Provided by UW Extension Farm Safety Specialist Cheryl Skjolaas Investing in a gas monitor – Which one should I buy? Recent incidents with loss of life – human […]

beef cows standing in a feedlot with barn buildings in background.

Getting the Upper Hand on Cattle Prices

Volatility in the cattle market leaves a lot of unknowns for cattle farmers.  You can start to evaluate where the market is going at BeefBasis, a website developed in partnership with the USDA Risk Management Agency, Kansas State University, and Custom Ag Solutions.  The forecasting section is especially useful for projecting into the future where […]

Simmental cow-calf pair on pasture. Calf is nursing on dam.

Marketing Cattle

Thinking through HOW you are going to be marketing your cattle and not just when you are going to be marketing can seem like a big chore.  Time spent analyzing how your current marketing is going is time well spent as there are likely many opportunities to improve the price you are receiving for your […]

Photo of the head & neck of a Holstein cow.

Livestock Owners Pay Careful Attention to Animals During Cold Weather

January 3, 2014- Weather forecasts are predicting some very cold weather for the weekend.  Livestock owners should pay special attention to their animals this weekend and through next week.  Pay attention to calves as they are more susceptible to the cold than mature animals.  If possible, provide extra dry bedding this weekend to help protect […]