Winter care

With the onset of winter comes additional care of livestock.  A few of the key pieces to care of livestock in the wintertime is access to fresh water, dry bedding, ample feed, and shelter. For any livestock that is kept outdoors or in a barn where indoor temperatures follow the outdoor temperatures, winter is a […]

passive vs. acquired immunity highlights

Understanding Immunity

The concept of immunity is based on an animal’s ability to recognize “self” and “non-self”.  Differentiation between what should be present in the animal and what shouldn’t be (something foreign) allows for the animal’s immune system to neutralize or destroy toxins or invading microorganisms which are “non-self”.  There are two branches of immunity that every […]

Checkered Giant rabbit on bare soil background.

Raising Rabbits for Meat

Raising rabbits for meat can be a enjoyable enterprise for the whole family.  Check out the resource menu on the right of this page for great places to look for information on raising rabbits (you might need to scroll down).