A variety of breeds of dairy goats on pasture with trees in the background and cloudy blue skies.

Goat Education

Are you interested in goat education?  We just recently made a Goat Education by UW-Extension group on Facebook so you can help us learn what your educational needs are and keep connected with what programs are coming up.  

close up of lamb, head and shoulders in view, standing near ewe, so the background appears woolly.

Accelerated and off-season lambing

Accelerated and off-season lambing can be a viable niche marketing opportunity.  It might also be a necessity if you have your own sheep and want to show market lambs at the Marquette County Fair, which is an early July show.  Check out the factsheet from Penn State Extension on Off-Season and Accelerated Lamb Production by clicking […]

Photo of the head & neck of a Holstein cow.

Livestock Owners Pay Careful Attention to Animals During Cold Weather

January 3, 2014- Weather forecasts are predicting some very cold weather for the weekend.  Livestock owners should pay special attention to their animals this weekend and through next week.  Pay attention to calves as they are more susceptible to the cold than mature animals.  If possible, provide extra dry bedding this weekend to help protect […]