round hay bale in field at sunset

Reducing livestock hay loss over winter

Feed costs tend to be one of the most costly parts of caring for livestock- whether for horses, cattle, sheep or goats.  One large component of feed cost is how much hay your critters are using (or wasting). A University of Minnesota study evaluated the use of nine different types of round bale feeders for […]

pig laying in corn stalk bedding

African swine fever: why should we care?

In this day and age of global economies, we get inundated with all kinds of information of what is going on in the US and the world.  Not a day goes by that don’t hear about a natural disaster or disease outbreak in another country.  We hope the next disaster or disease won’t be here […]

Wood chip path leading into the Spooner Agriculture Research Station AAS Display Garden. The path is surrounded by summer-blooming perennials, shrubs of different colors and textures, and markers identifying each type of plant.

All-American Selection Winners Perform

Are you constantly in search of flowers and vegetables that grow well in this area?  You might want to check out the All-American Selection (AAS) winners.  All-America Selections is an independent non-profit organization that tests new, never-before-sold varieties for the home gardener.  It is the only non-profit plant trialing organization in the US. Some varieties […]

beef cow and calf on dormant pasture

Shifting Calving Time

With the new year just upon us, it might seem a bit early to be thinking about calving if you are a beef farmer.  However, if you are an early calving farm starting the calving season in February, now may be the time to adjust your feeding schedule to get more of your calves born […]

booted feet & legs on snow

Prevent salt injury to your plants this winter

By Alana Voss, UW-Extension Agriculture Educator for Juneau and Sauk Counties The first day of winter is on Friday and we all know what comes with winter… snow and ice. We all do what we can to battle the icy sidewalks and roads, but have you ever stopped to think about how the ice melt […]


Winter care

With the onset of winter comes additional care of livestock.  A few of the key pieces to care of livestock in the wintertime is access to fresh water, dry bedding, ample feed, and shelter. For any livestock that is kept outdoors or in a barn where indoor temperatures follow the outdoor temperatures, winter is a […]

common fabric fiber types viewed under a microscope

Everything you didn’t know about wool: wool processing

As we enter into the holiday season of December, the colder weather got me thinking about the warm clothes that we wear.  Often we garb ourselves in holiday finery which may be a special occasion sweater made of wool.   Since some parts of the Waushara, Marquette, and Green Lake counties were historically farmed with sheep […]

coarse wool, medium wool, and fine wool fibers

Everything you didn’t know about wool

Wool is a very versatile product, used to make carpets, blankets, clothing, and many other materials.  Wool is a good insulating material, can absorb water or allow for evaporation of water, is resistant to fire, and is very durable.  Part of the reason why wool is so versatile is the unique properties it has, some […]

Places to check the temperature on a roasted turkey.

Turkey safety for the holidays

Planning for the holidays can be stressful.  Properly preparing your turkey doesn’t have to be one of them.  Keep these tips in mind to keep your turkey preparation stress-free this holiday season. So how big does your bird need to be?  Most sources say to plan for one to one and a half pounds of […]

Heatmap of turkey operations in Wisconsin.

Talking turkey

Wisconsin may be known as the dairy state, but did you know that we also farm turkeys?  Turkeys are thought to have been domesticated over 2,000 years ago and are a native bird of North America.  The domestic turkey, Meleagris gallopavo, is a popular bird to have on small hobby farms due to their unique […]