unevenly grazed pasture with blue cloudy sky

Pastures for Alpaca

Alpaca pasture management can be a challenge due to the grazing pattern behavior.  Learn more about how to get the most out of your pasture with the “Alpaca Pastures in Wisconsin” factsheet.

Yellowjacket hornet adult on grey background.

How to Find Pest Removal Experts

Occasionally our office will get a question about bee removal, but after discussion it turns out that the “bees” are actually hornets, not honey bees.  A lot of folks aren’t equipped to deal with hornets themselves, so the next question is: “who is in the area that can help me?”  In Extension we can’t recommend […]

Randy and Mr. Fogerty standing in a field of crabgrass that is about hip height.

July 2018 Central Wisconsin Agriculture Extension Report

The July Edition of the Central Wisconsin Agricultural Extension Report has been released.  Inside you will find articles on: Being heat smart Farm safety & rescue training Forage quality & grasses Soiled your undies challenge Caring for the land Milk your energy savings and more.

Jersey cattle eating silage in a headlock freestall barn.

Quality silage

Quality feed is very important for production of milk on a farm.  Cows are fed a total mixed ration (TMR) that is balanced according to the nutritional needs of the animal.  Energy in the diet is especially important for dairy cattle for daily production of milk, support of digestive health, and for effective utilization of […]

horsehair worm hidden among the leaves of a goji berry plant

Horsehair worm

This has been a week of curious creatures and plant issues coming into the office… above you can see a thread-thin creature writhing about on the leaf of a goji berry plant.  This is a horsehair worm, a parasite of insects and other invertebrates.  Horsehair worms are often found after a rain or near pools […]

bottom of fungi on branch

Gelatinous fungi

Weird plant stuff Update: this is a jelly fungi. You can find more details about the species at https://goo.gl/9EBNhj.You never know what will be brought to the UW-Extension office for identification…has anyone ever seen this type of growth on a branch before? Comment below what you think it is. Posted by Marquette County Master Gardener […]

Relative humidity (%) is on the vertical axis, while temperature is on the horizontal axis. Plotted together, these two variables show heat index. This chart is broken down into 4 categories of increasing concern: caution (light yellow), extreme caution (yellow), danger (orange), and extreme danger (red).

Be Heat Smart

When you are focused on “getting the job done”, your health, or the health of your helpers can suffer if you aren’t careful.  Many of you probably check the weather in the morning before starting your day.  You are probably looking to see if there is rain in the forecast and how warm it is supposed to get for the day.  That’s a great start.  One more thing you should add to your list of weather-related items to check for the day is the heat index.  The heat index is a measure that combines relative humidity (or dew point) and air temperature to approximate what the air temperature actually “feels like”.  The heat index is also what is used to help determine when it is “safe” to haul livestock.

Garlic mustard seedling on brown soil background.

Garlic Mustard, A Threat to the Wooded Areas of Wisconsin

Garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata) is an introduced species in North America that was originally brought here by settlers from Europe.  Part of the reason that the settlers brought the plant here was for use in cooking due to the garlic-like scent/flavor that the name implies.  One of the issues with garlic mustard is that none of the insects and diseases that would naturally control the population of plants are present in North America. 

Young Sumatra rooster-head and neck, focused on the eye

April 2018 Central Wisconsin Agriculture Extension Report

The April edition of the Central Wisconsin Agriculture Report has been released.  Inside you will find descriptions & dates for upcoming programs and dairy breakfasts throughout the seven county area.  Articles include: Farm Technology Days Throttling back stress Industrial hemp research pilot program Poultry for beginners Maple syrup production Cover crop termination and more.