4-H Meats Judging

UW Meat Laboratory rules

Hard Hats and Frocks Required for all 4­H Meat Judging Contests.

For safety and sanitary reasons, hard hats and frocks will be required to be worn by all participants 4­H Meat Judging events at the Meat Science Laboratory at UW­Madison. Hairnets are also required but will be provided to you when you arrive at the Meat Lab. To prevent the spread of bacteria and disease, it is critical that you wear clean garments, especially shoes. No sandals or open toed shoes are allowed. For some teams with processing plants nearby, you may be able to borrow hats and frocks for the contest. There may be other sources of hard hats and frocks available in local areas.

If you wish to purchase hard hats and frocks, one source is Koch Supplies in Kansas City. Their toll free order number is: 800­456­5624;  (fax=800­329­5624); web: www.kochsupplies.com.

Ordering information: Hard Hats:  V­Gard Safety Cap (~$6.00 each in orders of less than 12)

Color Koch No. White  3085  71271 Green  3085  71291 Blue  3085  71281 Yellow  3085  71301 Red  3085  71311 Orange  3085  71321 Gray  3085  71331

Note: “Bump hat” are lighter weight hats available for slightly less cost (~ $5 each). However, the catalog states: “These bump hats . . . are not meant to be worn for protection from the impact of falling or glancing objects.”  We do not recommend bump hats, but rather the full protection of the hard hats listed above.

For other detials on 4-H Meats Judging Contest information please visit https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/youthlivestock/programs/4hmeatscontest/

Helpful Documents for Meat Judging Preparation

Meats Contest Resource Sheets – Below are examples of sheets used in the contest.
Beef Carcass Evaluation
Pork Carcass Evaluation
Lamb Carcass Evaluation
Beef Grading Worksheet
Processed-Meat ID – Updated 1/26/2017

Processed Meat Identification GuideUpdated 1/26/2017
Retail Cut Key – Updated for 2018 contest (Updated 11/9/2017)
Meats Scantron (Front side is used for carcass placings, questions, written exam and grading.  Back side is used for retail meat ID).

Livestock Scantron for processed meats 18 (This scan sheet is used to score the processed meat ID.)

Livestock Scantron example for processed meats 18 with explanations
Scantron Directions
Label Questions