Becoming a Master Gardener Volunteer (from the Program Office)

A Master Gardener Volunteer is an individual who provides service to his/her community by assisting people in addressing horticultural problems.

Any resident of Wisconsin 18 years or older is eligible to be a Master Gardener Volunteer. Potential Master Gardener Volunteers should be interested in horticulture (but a formal degree is not necessary), dependable, unbiased and open-minded, and willing to help people with their horticultural concerns. Participants are expected to provide volunteer service to their community. Although the program is statewide, some counties may choose not to offer the program.

Master Gardener training is offered through the local UWEX County Extension offices (training varies by location; not all counties offer all types of training). To participate, you must contact the office where you would like to take Level 1 training and follow their procedures if they are offering the program. (You do NOT need to reside in a county to participate in their program.) For more information on your local Master Gardener Program, contact your local county UW-Extension office.

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