Continuing Education

Master Gardener Volunteers are required to obtain a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education by August 31 in order to maintain their certification.

Each hour of a program counts as 1 unit of continuing education.  Hours should be rounded to the nearest half hour (X.0 or X.5).

  • 20-44 minutes of program = 0.5 CEU
  • 45-74 minutes of program = 1.0 CEU

Please use your best judgment when recording your continuing education.

Preferred Continuing Education

Live speakers are the preferred source of your continuing education. The Rock County Extension office, Master Gardeners, botanical gardens and other select organizations (i.e. environmental institutions, research stations, etc.)  offer many suitable programs for your continuing education.  It is recommended the bulk of your continuing education come from these types of programs.


Only the guided portion of a garden tour counts towards continuing education.

Additional Continuing Education

“Garden Talk” on Wisconsin Public Radio and “The Wisconsin Gardener” on Wisconsin Public Television are suitable programs for continuing education, but should not comprise the majority of your continuing education units.   Many other programs on cable television, though enjoyable to watch, do not count due to their inapplicability to our location.