Level 1 Training

    • Level 1 Training will be offered every other Wednesday morning (9am-12 noon) starting February 7 through August 27th at the Irvin L. Young Memorial Library in Whitewater. The Level 1 training fee is $200 and includes all training sessions, the training manual, and supplies. This joint-county training will be provided by the state program office.
    • Training will use a flipped classroom approach. Participants will watch video lectures and read at home and come to class to engage in hands-on activities and applications designed to prepare you to be a Master Gardener Volunteer. Topics include: botany, soils, woody ornamentals, herbaceous ornamentals, entomology, plant pathology, weeds, lawn care, vegetables, fruits, and backyard wildlife. Because of the online components of training, it is recommended that students have access to a computer and internet connection capable of watching YouTube videos.
    • Anyone interested in taking the Master Gardener Level 1 training course for Walworth or Rock Counties will need to attend a mandatory orientation session. Participants can choose to attend either the:
      • in-person session (January 10, 2017 from 10-11am)
      • or the webinar (January 17th from 10-11am).

      An online sign-up is found in the application materials. You do not need to have completed the application prior to an orientation session. The in-person session will be held at the Irvin L. Young Memorial Library in Whitewater. The link for the webinar will be sent to the provided email address. At this session you will learn about the UW-Extension Master Gardener Program and the requirements to become a Master Gardener Volunteer, including a criminal background check, Mandatory Reporter Training, and signing a volunteer behavior agreement.

    • The goal of general training is to introduce the concept of MGV service, teach the fundamentals of ¬†horticulture (including botany, soil science, entomology, plant pathology, and more), and to have participants successfully utilize resources available when determining answers to garden related questions.

Please see for more information and an application.