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individuals discussing manure handling optionsThe UW-Extension Midwest Manure Summit has been held biannually since 2009, with it’s roots originating from a local UW-Extension Manitowoc & Sheboygan Counties 2007 Innovative Manure Management Meeting supported by a “Dairy Industry Revitalization-USDA Cooperative States Research Extension Education Service” Grant.  The purpose of the Summit is to provide innovation, research, and solutions to producers in the handling and storage of manure, economically and sustainable.

Below, please find links to past Midwest Manure Summit presentations and resources:


2021 Midwest Manure Summit


Systems Modeling and Optimization for Organic Waste Management – Dr. Victor Zavala

I AM Responsible… and so are you! – Dr. Amy Schmidt

Feeding Strategies to Reduce Methane Production – Dr. Michael Wattiaux

The Role of Manure Management to Mitigate Greenhouse Gas Emissions on Dairy Farms – Dr. Horacio Aguirre-Villegas

Ammonia Capture for the Organic Market – Dr. Robert Levine

Reconnecting the Nutrient Cycle – Dr. Joe Harrison

Addressing Manure Odors at the Source – Dr. Erin Cortus

Pelletizing Manure Solids – Dr. Mahmoud Sharara

Biochar and Manure Management – Dr. Rebecca Larson

Wet Gasification for a Dairy Farm – Mr. Peter Wright

Biogas Upgrading – Kevin Dobson and Nick Elger

2019 Midwest Manure Summit


Selecting Appropriate Manure Technology – Rebecca Larson’s presentation

Phosphorus Trade-Offs With No-Till: What if Manure Had No Phosphorus? – Clinton Church’s presentation

Recovering Ammonia from Manure as Fertilizer – Shulin Chen’s presentation

Solid-Liquid Separation-Impact on N:P Ratios –  John Chastain’s presentation

Successes and Challenges with a Proprietary Nutrient Concentration System – Jay Richardson’s presentation

Ground Water Update – Mark Borchardt’s recorded presentation

Controlling Antibiotic Resistance and Bacterial Pathogens in Manure – John Brook’s recorded presentation

2017 Midwest Manure Summit


2017 Manure summit audience

Manure Processing Technologies
Dr. Troy Runge – Presentation

UW-Oshkosh Digesters-Keys to Success
Brian Langolf – Presentation

How Dairy Cattle Feed Efficiency Impacts Manure Nutrients
Dr. Randy Shaver – Presentation

Considerations for the Use of Manure Irrigation Practices
Dr. Becky Larson & Dr. Tucker Burch – Presentation

Dairy Manure and Human Wastewater Contamination in the Dolomite Aquifer in Northeastern Wisconsin
Dr. Mark Borchardt – Presentation

Competing Priorities: Antibiotic Use in Animal Agriculture in a Time of Increasing Antibiotic Resistance
Dr. Katharine Knowlton – Presentation

Manure Economics and Application Decisions: Where are We Headed?
Dr. Daniel Anderson – Presentation

Hydrogen Sulfide: Connecting the Dots from Cattle to Manure to People
Liz Binversie – Presentation
Liz Binversie – Factsheet

Knock Me Over! Manure Gas and Safe Practices with Gypsum Bedded Dairies
Dr. Eileen Fabian – Safety Risk from Manure Storages of Dairy Cows Bedded with Gypsum Factsheet
Dr. Eileen Fabian – Manure Storage Design and Safety Considerations with Gypsum Bedding Factsheet

Poractively Preventing Manure Spills: Common Causes and Recent Trends
Kevin Erb – Presentation

Manure Safety: 2016 Learning Lessons
Cheryl Skjolaas – Agricultural Confined Spaces Research and Extension Agenda

Conducting a Safety Walk-Through on a Farm: Hazards of the Manure Handling System (A Self-Assessment Guideline for Farmers)

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Health Hazards Factsheet

Heirarchy of Controls to Workplace Hazards

Manure Safety Panel Discussion
Mary Bauer, Matt Komro, Cheryl Skjolaas –

Dairy Laborer Dies When Loader Falls into Manure Pit Narrative

OSHA Confined Space Flow Chart

OSHA Dairy Farm Local Emphasis Program Overview

2015 Midwest Manure Summit


Manure Summit attendees


The Rations We Feed Dairy Cattle Impact Manure Chemistry and Nutrient Dynamics in Soil, Water and Air
Dr. Mark Powell – Presentation

Manure Economics
Dr. Mark Stephenson – Presentation

Evaluation of Feed Storage Leachate and Runoff System Design and Operation
Aaron Wunderlin – Presentation

Wisconsin’s Livestock Facility Siting Law
Richard Castelnuovo and Jerry Halverson  – Presentation

Planning a Solid-Liquid Separation System to Meet Manure Treatment and Management Goals
Dr. John Chastain – Presentation

Manure Odor Management
Dr. Kevin Janni  – Presentation

2013 Midwest Manure Summit

Best Practices for Reducing Odor & Emissions on Midwest Dairies
New Technologies Available to Manage Emissions Mitigation
Richard Stowell, P.E. PhD, University of Nebraska (Lincoln)

Dairy Manure Biochar as a Phosphorus Fertilizer
Dr. Keri Cantrell, USDA-ARS

Manure Management at Rosenholm-Wolfe Dairy
Loren Wolfe, Rosenholm-Wolfe Dairy/Cowsmo Compost

Assessing Hazards in Manure Storage & Handling Systems
Cheryl Skjolaas, UW Center for Agricultural Safety & Health

Reducing Sand Inventory – Producing Cleaner, Drier Sand
Renee Schrift, McLanahan Corporation

Comparison of Phosphorus Removal Efficiency for Various Manure Processing Technologies
Dr. Becky Larson, UW-Extension

Digester Economics: Profit from Poop?
Dr. Bob Nagel, Holsum Dairies, LLC

Inactivation of Dairy Manure-Borne Pathogens by Anaerobic Digestion (Not available)
Mark Borchardt, US Forage Research Center

What Does the NAEMS Data Results Mean for Dairy Producers?
Dr. Al Heber, Purdue University Department of Agriculture & Biological Engineering

Myths & Misconceptions of Digesters
Dr. Daniel Zitomer, Marquette University

Effect of Manure Treatment on N and P Availability
Dr. Carrie Laboski, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Manure Storage Design Opportunities
Jennifer Keuning, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates

Resource Concerns & Dairy Manure Management
John Ramsden, P.E. NRCS

What Have We Learned About Using Recycled Manure Solids for Bedding?
Marcia Endres, Univeristy of Minnesota

2011 Midwest Manure Summit

European Perspectigves on Technical and Economical Approaches to Phosphorus Recycling
Dr. Marie-Line Daumer, Cemagref, France

Air Quality, What’s Coming in 2011 and What should you do?
John Ferguson, P. Eng, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates

Maximizing the Value of Digester Fiber
A Digester for the 125-Cow Dairy:  Fact or Fiction?
Charles Gould, Michigan State University Extension

Managing Manure to Minimize Environmental Impact Paper
Managing Manure to Minimize Environmental Impact PowerPoint
Dr. Joe Harrison, Washington State University

Utilizing Biosolids as Packaging or Building Materials
Biosolid Materials (Hunt 3def-fiberboard – Video)
John F. Hunt, Forest Products Laboratory, USDA

Manure Application Methods to Minimize Ammonia Losses and Maximize Crop N Use
Dr. Bill Jokela – USDA-ARS Marshfield

Making Digesters Work:  The Economics of Bedding and Cofeeding
Dana Kirk, Manager, ADRE Center, Michigan State University

Innovative Treatment Options for Dairy Wash Water
Management of Farmstead Area Runoff
Dr. Becky Larson, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Profitability of Digesters — If I Knew Then, What I Know Now
Bob Nagel, D.V.M., Holsum Dairy, Chilton WI

Addressing Manure System Hazards and OSHA Compliance
Cheryl Skjolaas, UW-Extension

Microbial Additives for Treating Manure Lagoons
Dr. Luis C. Solorzano, Chr. Hanson Inc.

Sewage Treatment Plants as An Emergency Option for Manure Management
Chris Stempa, Appleton Wastewater Treatment Plant

DATCP Update:  Odor Study Results and Livestock Siting Revisions
Steve Struss, WI DATCP

USDA Developed Technologies for Recovering Manure Phosphorus
Dr. Ariel Szogi, USDA-ARS South Carolina

Utilizing Biofilters for Air Emissions and Odor Reduction from Animal
Utilizing Biofilters for Air Emissions and Odor Reduction from Animal Production and Waste Storage Structures
Dr. Joe Taraba – University of Kentucky

Reflections on a German Bio-Energy Tour
Gary Tauchen, Dairy Farmer, WI State Representative

The Integration of Renewable Energy and Water Quality in Manure Management
Dr. Jim Wallace, Dillon Envirocare

Algae and Other Co-Products From Digesters:  Opportunities and Challenges
Ecological Impacts on Future Farming
Dr. Ann Wilkie, University of Florida

2009 Midwest Manure Summit

Creating Designer Manure:  Technology to Control Phosphorus
Dr. Jactone Arogo Ogejo, Virginia Tech
Farm Scale Composting:  Environmental Benefits, Challenges and Economics 
Dr. Frederick C. Michel, Jr, The Ohio State University
Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center
Air Emissions, NR445, EPA – What’s Coming in 2010 and What Should You Do?  
John Ferguson, P. Eng, Conestoga-Rovers & Associates
Manure Biosecurity and Safe Handling:  Animal and Human Health Implications  
Dr. John Shutske, University of Wisconsin – Extension, CALS   
Manure Transformation – The Brown County Project
Brad Holtz, Brown County Land Conservation
Sand Settling Lanes   Presentation Webcast
Economics of Sand Handling   Presentation Webcast
Dr. Joe Harner, Kansas State University

Manure as a Cash Crop:  Considerations, Pitfalls, Liabilities
Kevin Erb, University of Wisconsin Extension – Cooperative Extension

Proven Sand-Laden Manure Handling and Separation Technologies
Andrew W. Wedel, McLanahan Corporation

Manure Safety and Transportation
Ryan De Broux, PNAAW
Dave Anderson, Vincent Urban Walker & Associates
WI Focus on Energy’s Experience with Biogas Digesters   Presentation Webcast
Larry Krom, WI Focus on Energy
Mitigating Odor on Farms Using Modern Technology   Presentation Webcast
Dr. Frank M. Mitloehner, University of California – Davis
Engineering Possibilities and Economics of Converting Biosolids into Building Materials
Dr. Jerry Winandy, University of Minnesota 
Developing Alternative Manure Digesters for Small and Medium Sized Dairies 
Vance Haugen, University of Wisconsin Extension, Crawford County
Arnold Creating Clean Water – Sustainable Manure Handling 
Jeffrey Arnold, Integrated Separation Solutions, LLC
Carbon Credits – Tapping into your Digester and Land’s Hidden Potential
Sue Beitlich, Wisconsin Farmers Union
Electricity and Biogas, Connecting the Farm to the Public  
Merlin Raab, Wisconsin Public Service
Manure Incineration for Energy:  The Wiese Project  Presentation Webcast
Paul Schneider, Ecocombustion Energy Systems  
Making the Most of Manure:  Emerging Waste-to-Energy Treatments  Presentation Webcast
Keri B. Cantrell, USDA (Agricultural Research Service – South Carolina)
Examining Bioenergy Development Potential with GIS
Matt Kures, CCED – University of Wisconsin – Extension
21 Manure Digesters in Europe – Applications to the United States  Presentation Webcast
Manfred Faatz, EBA – GmbH, Triesdorf, Germany

Manure Summit attendees
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