Survey of our Readers

Almost 1000 households with children enrolled in Head Start and Early Head Start receive the monthly financial newsletter every school year across Wisconsin. In May 2019, we surveyed five of the participating counties and heard back from 189 households who returned our year end survey. Here are some highlights:

  • 58% reported they read “most” or “all” of the monthly newsletters, while 38% “skim” it
  • Half of the households hold onto the newsletters for future reference, while 11% pass their newsletter along to share with someone else
  • Almost three-quarters of all readers reported that reading the newsletters helped them to “know where they spend their money day to day” (73%), “make a plan for an unexpected expense” (72%), and “set a financial goal” (70%)
  • A majority of readers reported that the newsletters helped them to “get the most from their tax refund and tax credits” (89%) and “get the most from their health insurance” (60%)
  • Readers also reported taking action steps, such as “talking to a partner or family member about money” (71%), “putting money in a savings account” (66%), and “figure out their debt and start to make payments” (63%)