First Impressions Exchange – Green Bay & Fond du Lac

Green Bay and Fond du Lac are a conducting a First Impressions exchange in March 2017. A First Impressions Exchange is where volunteers from two communities swap places for a day and share their feedback about visiting the respective communities. It is a valuable learning experience for the host communities to gain new insights and new perspectives.

From the Center for Community and Economic Development:

“The First Impressions program helps communities learn about existing strengths and weaknesses through the eyes of the first-time visitor and provides a structured opportunity to learn about strengths and weaknesses of similar communities. The results from a First Impressions visit can serve as the basis for community action and as a way to document changes in the community over time.

All communities have difficulties viewing their surroundings as others—customers, visitors, potential residents, and potential businesses—see them. Our views are skewed by over-familiarization, a lack of differing perspectives, expectations, and a reluctance to be completely honest with our neighbors when dealing with difficult issues, such as the appearance of buildings, customer service, and the maintenance of public facilities.”
We are looking for Green Bay area residents to participate! All occupations, religions, ethnicity, sexual orientations, etc. are WELCOME to apply. Participants should be 18+ in age. The Green Bay visit to Fond du Lac will be held on Friday, March 17. APPLY TO BE A PARTICIPANT HERE.

Transportation and meals will be covered to and in Fond du Lac, with the expectation that you take two online surveys (one before you visit and one after you visit), visit assigned locations while in Fond du Lac, and participate in a post-visit focus group in Green Bay.

Participants will be selected from the applicant pool in the last week of February. You will be notified either way.