Renowned weed management expert rejoins UW program in CALS and UW-Extension

Contact: John Shutske, 608-262-1445,

Dr. Larry Binning, professor emeritus in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has, for the 2010 growing season, rejoined the team of weed management experts who serve Wisconsin’s crop industry.

Dr. Binning brings more than 30 years of experience in weed biology, ecology and management back to the state. He will provide Extension technical support to meet the growing and changing demands in weed management for corn, soybean, and small grains producers.

“We are very pleased to have Dr. Binning’s technical expertise, support and guidance for this coming growing season,” said John Shutske, Program Leader for UW-Extension’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension program area and Associate Dean in CALs.

He added, “We see ongoing and significant challenges and needs with weed management in our $2 billion corn and soybean industries. These challenges include the threat of herbicide resistance, changes in the weed pressures Wisconsin growers are facing, and the increased need to think critically about the most cost-effective and environmentally-compatible ways to manage weeds.”

Binning will be dealing with technical needs relevant to weed management in corn, soybean, and small grain crops in Wisconsin. The best way to reach him will be through UW-Extension county agents who serve in all of the state’s 72 counties. Dr. Binning will also be updating the Pest Management in Wisconsin Field Crops bulletin (A3646) for 2010, so that the information in this bulletin continues to be relevant to agriculture’s ever changing products and practices.

This temporary change in staffing for the 2010 growing season comes about with the departure of Dr. Chris Boerboom who recently left Wisconsin to become the Assistant Director of Agriculture and Natural Resources programs for North Dakota’s Extension Service.

“We are thrilled to have Larry rejoin a talented group of weed science and crop production faculty who help solve a range of weed and crop management issues in the state from invasive plant species to unique weed problems in our vegetable industries to weed science concerns in turfgrass, alfalfa, and cranberries,” said Interim CALS Dean Irwin Goldman. “Larry is a person whom I admire greatly and I am completely confident that his expertise will be of immediate value to the state.”

Goldman, Shutske, and the UW-Madison Department of Agronomy are working together to retain critical weed science and weed management Extension and applied research expertise and capacity in CALS. Shutske said, “Wisconsin has always had one of the top weed science programs in the world. We embody the Wisconsin Idea by providing unbiased information to Wisconsin growers and subsequently to others in the Midwest and nationally. It’s critically important to retain that national stature and leadership even during times of significant budget pressures.”


UW-Extension Resources for Wisconsin Producers:

1.  Your County Extension Agent is an important first contact for specific questions related to cropping systems in Wisconsin.  To find your county office go to:

2.  Weed Science/Management Extension:

Corn, soybean, and small grains – Dr. Larry Binning
Fruits and vegetables – Dr. Jed Colquhoun
Perennial crops and invasive plants – Dr. Mark Renz
Turf/turfgrasses – Dr. John Stier

3.  Corn and Soybean Production Systems:

Corn  — Dr. Joe Lauer
Soybeans – Dr. Shawn Conley

4.  Other Pests & diseases

Insects in Field and Forage Crops – Dr. Eileen Cullen
Insects in Vegetable Crops – Dr. Russ Groves
Insects in Fruit Crops – Dr. Dan Mahr
Insects in Turf/Turfgrass – Dr. Chris Williamson
Plant Disease in Corn, Soybean, Wheat, and Alfalfa – Dr. Paul Esker
Plant Disease in Fruit Crops – Dr. Patricia McManus
Plant Disease in Vegetables – Dr. Amanda Gevens
Plant Disease in Turf/Turfgrass – Dr. Jim Kerns


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