Top collegiate dairy cattle judge 2011 World Dairy Expo

Carissa Levash, Dairy Science Student
UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

The award for the best individual collegiate dairy cattle judge at the 2011 World Dairy Expo went to UW-Madison dairy science student, Carissa Levash from Brillion, Wis. Carissa tells us about judging.

3:06 – Total Time

0:22 – How it feels to be top collegiate dairy judge
0:33 – The dairy cow judging process
1:01 – What it looks like
1:19 – The perfect dairy cow
1:42 – How got started judging dairy
2:10 – UW-Madison Dairy Judging Team
2:33 – Favorite part of being student
2:58 – Lead out


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Also, Carissa talks about Badger Dairy Club Cheese Stand at 2011 World Dairy Expo (video):


Sevie Kenyon
: Carissa, congratulations and welcome to our microphone. How does it feel to be the top collegiate judge at World Dairy Expo?

Carissa Levash: It feels great to accomplish something that I’ve been looking forward to since I was a little girl.

Sevie Kenyon: When you walk into the arena with these dairy cattle, what are you thinking? What’s the process?

Carissa Levash: There’s a lot of things that go through my mind as I walk in, basically, when a contest comes around, obviously I come in with a clear, focused mind. Just think about what I’ve learned through practices, and my experience through the last couple of years, and with that knowledge I just hope to do my best and see what happens in the end.

Sevie Kenyon: Carissa, can you describe for us what it looks like when you come into an arena?

Carissa Levash: We first start out by facing our backs to the circle of animals that we’ll be walking around. And then as the contest begins they’ll start a timer and at that time you can turn and face the cattle and are able to judge them.

Sevie Kenyon: And, can you tell us a little bit about what makes up the perfect dairy cow?

Carissa Levash: * laughs* The one thing that kind of I focus on for the cows is the udder. I think that’s a major point that you look when looking into who’s going to win that class of animals and that’s the first part as well as looking at their overall general appearance and their feet and legs.

Sevie Kenyon: Give us a little idea of your background here. How did you get into this?

Carissa Levash: So I first started out probably in 4H when I was about eight years old and had my coach and he helped me to start doing practices, analyzing each cow at different dairy farms around the local area. And then from there I went into high school and was involved in 4H and FFA dairy judging. After that all happened then I came into college and started out my sophomore year on the team.

Sevie Kenyon: Can you tell us a little bit about the team here at UW-Madison?

Carissa Levash: So, the team consists of me as well as three other girls on our team and it can range from boys and girls, but somehow our class ended up with four girls. So, we have four girls and they are very interested in judging. We all come from farm backgrounds so that’s definitely a positive.

Sevie Kenyon: Carissa, in your student career here at UW-Madison, what’s been the most favorite part?

Carissa Levash: My favorite part? Lets see. My favorite part would probably be the atmosphere here at UW-Madison. I love being able to interact with different people who come from different backgrounds. That’s definitely an important part and meeting a lot of new people. UW-Madison has a huge campus, so you get to meet great friends from all over the country that you can stay in touch with.

Sevie Kenyon: We’ve been visiting with Carissa Levash, University of Wisconsin, in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Madison, Wisconsin… and I’m Sevie Kenyon.


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