Extension at the State Fair: Plant Diseases

Brian HudelsonAceraceae-Plant-diseases, UW-Extension Plant Disease Diagnostician
Department of Plant Pathology
UW Madison College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
(608) 262-2863

While at the Wisconsin State Fair, Brian Hudelson has a conversation about plant diseases, where to go for help, and what diseases we can expect this upcoming fall.

Total time: 2:02
0:17- Common plant diseases this season
0:59- Preventative measures
1:30- Where you can go for help
1:59- Lead Out

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Sevie Kenyon: Brian what kind of plant disease problems are we seeing this season?

Brian Hudelson: A wide variety of things actually, but a lot of fruit crops coming into the lab this year. A lot of raspberries with root rot problems. We had a lot of rain early on, and I think that promoted a lot of fungal growth and they’re not doing very well, a lot of die back in that particular plant. Also seeing a lot of tar spot on Maples. It’s a foliar disease. You see maple leaves with big, black, tarry looking spots on the leaves; that’s a disease that’s hard to miss. Also been seeing a lot of other types of leave diseases on a variety of other types of crops. Vegetables coming in with issues with pollination, blossom, and rot, just a whole variety of things.

Sevie Kenyon: Is there anything people can do about some of these problems?

Brian Hudelson: Some of them yes, if you catch them early enough. So a lot of it’s really preventative. When you’re dealing with a vegetable garden, good fall cleanup to make sure you get rid of all of the old plants parts that are sticking around in the fall. That’s the place where a lot of these disease causing organisms can hang out over the winter. And good plants spacing is usually another good technique. You want a lot of good air flow between plants so that if they get wet, they dry quickly. Those wet conditions tend to be favorable for diseases.

Sevie Kenyon: Well Brian, we are standing at the Wisconsin State Fair, can you tell us a little about what you’re talking about here at your booth?

Brian Hudelson: Just plant diseases in general, trying to steer people towards information if they have particular questions. Spent a lot of time also referring people to other booths because sometimes they think it’s a disease problem when it can be an insect problem or something else. I’m part of UW Extension, we have a presence in every county in Wisconsin, if you need help locally, contact your local county extension office.

Sevie Kenyon: We’ve been visiting with Brian Hudelson, Department of Plant Pathology, University of Wisconsin, in the College of Agricultural and Life Science, Madison, Wisconsin, and I am Sevie Kenyon.


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