Bring your biggest weed to Wisconsin Farm Technology Days

weed experts booth 2014Contact: Mark Renz, 608-263-7437,

Mild temperatures and ample rainfall have resulted in another year of rampant weed growth. Is your field, garden or yard covered with weeds? Do you know what they are and how to manage them? Do you want to test your ability to grow weeds against others throughout the state?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider attending Wisconsin Farm Technology Days on August 24-27 in Dane County. At this event University of Wisconsin-Extension/Madison weed specialists will help identify your weed species as well as give you management options. So bring your weeds to the show!  If you forget we will have live specimens on display as well as a team of experts to help.

You will also get a chance to compete for the title of Biggest Weed in Wisconsin. This annual event asks that participants to bring no more than two plants (stems only please) of non-woody, non-poisonous plants cut at the soil surface. Samples will be placed on display throughout Wisconsin Farm Technology Days. Weed specialists will award a daily winner as well as a winner for the entire event.

Mark Renz, UW-Extension/Madison weed specialist said he expects even larger entries in 2015. The largest weed winners will be scored by multiplying the weed’s height by the maximum width when held in its normal growth form. Past winners (plumeless thistle and common burdock) emphasize that to win weeds typically need to be both tall and wide.

To enter the contest, bring your weeds to the UW-Extension Weed Experts booth in the Progress Pavilion before 3 p.m. each day of the show.

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Agriculture and natural resources is a program of the University of Wisconsin-Extension in partnership with local, state and federal government in each Wisconsin county.


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