High-Tech and Hands-on Activities to be featured at UW-Extension Education Station

Contact: Scott Gunderson, 920-683-4168, scott.gunderson@wisc.edu

Innovative technologies that support Wisconsin’s agriculture will be on display throughout the University of Wisconsin’s-Extension’s Education Station at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days. These technologies include the use of iPads to score hooves for digital dermatitis also known as hairy warts; manure gas monitoring equipment; and live feeds from the field demonstrations will stream to a monitor in the Education Station tent.

Hands-on activities, interactive displays and conversations with University of Wisconsin-Extension agents and specialists will demonstrate how university research is applicable to farming in Wisconsin in the UW-Extension’s Education Station. The UW-Extension Education Station will be located at the corner of University Avenue and 6th Street on the Farm Technology Days grounds near Algoma.

Display themes and highlights inside the tent include:

  • Animal technology: Demonstrations of innovative technology for your farm operation; understanding the economics of crossbreeding steers; information about raising poultry on pasture.
  • Forage and crop production: How to calculate the amount of “pure live seed” (PLS) to plant in alfalfa stands; learn why proper weed identification and utilizing multiple control tactics are key for effective and economical weed control – examples of multiple weeds found throughout Wisconsin will be available for identification practice, as well as information regarding the best methods to prevent and manage herbicide-resistant weeds on your property. The USDA Potato Genebank will demonstrate techniques used to preserve potato genes as true seed and the value that having this collection can have for developing new varieties of potatoes.
  • Water: Stewardship of our land, water, and environment will be featured. Attendees are encouraged to bring water samples to Education Station to have them analyzed for nitrates; visitors will be able to view a karst topography table-top model and talk to experts about strategies to protect surface and groundwater.
  • Farm management: Participate in interactive challenges focused on human resource management, farm succession planning, price risk management, and market and policy updates. On Wednesday and Thursday youth will have the opportunity to learn about agricultural economics by participating in the ‘Commodity Carnival’ designed to show youth the benefits and risks of raising and selling an animal on the market.
  • Home and consumer horticulture: Learn about fruit pest monitoring and management; fruit crop planting and pruning; and see damage symptoms of Wisconsin’s major fruit pest.
  • Specialist Central: a speaker’s stage featuring interactive discussions with UW-Extension specialists. Each day will focus on a specific topic – Tuesday (dairy day), Wednesday (farm management day) and Thursday (water).

Outdoor displays include:

  • Soil pit
  • Rainfall simulator and various pieces of equipment such as a low disturbance manure applicator and Penn State Interseeder
  • Forage plots (forage crabgrass, teff, sorghum, and sorghum-sudan grass). Visitors will also see a side-by-side comparison of conventional and low lignin-alfalfa.
  • Cover crops (grasses, legumes, brassicas, and broadleaves)

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days will be held July 11-13, 2017 in Kewaunee County. For more information about Wisconsin Farm Technology Days, visit www.wifarmtechnologydays.com.


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