2018 Livestock Judging Results from Area Animal Science Days

Madison — During the 2018 Area Animal Science Days in Kewaunee, Clark and Lafayette Counties, youth judged breeding and market classes of swine, beef, sheep and, in some locations, meat goats. Youth also answered a sets of species questions and seniors judges gave oral reasons on selected classes.

Congratulations again to all participants in this year’s regional contests.  The top Senior and Junior Teams from each site earned the opportunity to compete at the State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest held on Monday, July 23rd at the UW-Madison Stock Pavilion.

The contest site has pictures and scores from the event.  http://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/youthlivestock/programs/area-animal-science-days/

This program is sponsored by the WI 4-H Foundation, UW Animal Sciences Departments, and WI 4-H Youth Development.

Kewaunee County: Thursday, June 14
Seniors:  1st Kailen Smercheck, Marathon; 2nd Mallory Schmoll, Marathon; 3rd Kimberly Von Donsel Kewaunee; 4th Caden Nicolaus, Sheboygan; 5th Marie Prodell, Kewaunee; 6th Stephanie Witberler, Marathon; 7th Anna Kitzerow, Sheboygan; 8th Alisha Klemme, Sheboygan, 9th Gabrielle Haen, Kewaunee; 10th Alex Falkowski, Marathon

Senior Reasons Individuals:  1st Kailen Smerchek, Marathon County
Senior Overall Team:  1st Marathon  2nd Kewaunee
Senior Reasons Team:  Marathon County
Juniors:  1st Samantha Rake, Columbia; 2nd Brayden Peter, Sheboygan; 3rd Ally Loosen, Washington; 4th Cora Kohlman, Sheboygan; 5th Savanna Bailey, Kewaunee; 6th McKinley Krueger, Fond du Lac; 7th Summer Rake, Columbia; 8th Paul Loosen, Washington; 9th Ethan Kohlman, Sheboygan; 10th Macy Cross, Columbia
Junior Overall Team:  1st Sheboygan; 2nd Columbia


Clark County: Friday, June 22
Seniors:  1st Addie Grossbier, Dunn; 2nd Hannah Tremaine, Waukesha; 3rd Jacob Boatman, Pierce; 4th Rachel Moseley, Jackson; 5th Isabelle Hudson, Pierce; 6th Blake Johnson, Trempealeau; 7th Andrew Zukowski, Dunn; 8th Mara Quarne, Trempealeau; 9th Cierra Cull, Waukesha; 10th Abby Luedke, Outagamie.
Senior Reasons Individuals:  1st Blake Johnson, Trempealeau
Senior Overall Team:  1st Dunn, 2nd Pierce
Senior Reasons Team:  1st Trempealeau
Juniors 1st Cora Capatske, Pierce; 2nd Trent Laufenberg, Jackson; 3rd Kinsey Singerhouse, Dunn; 4th Jessica Lindow, Wood; 5th Taylor Maroszek, Outagamie; 6th Taylor Kundlinger, Wood; 7th Zack Peterson, Pierce; 8th Emily Zukowski, Dunn; 9th Austin Laufenberg, Jackson; 10th Luke Fischer, Jackson
Junior Overall Team:  1st  Pierce; 2nd Jackson

Lafayette County: Friday, June 29
Seniors:  1st Brady Palzkill, Iowa; 2nd Brandon Springer, Iowa;  3rd Alexis Schultz, Jefferson; 4th Chad Achenbach, Crawford; 5th Kendra Jentz, Grant;  6th Gabby Wohlrab, Juneau;  7th Danielle Chwala, Jefferson; 8th Virginia Klecker, Jefferson; 9th Clayton Walsh, Juneau; 10th Dawson Firlus, Juneau.
Senior Reasons Individuals:  1st Brady Palzkill, Iowa County
Senior Overall Team:  1st Jefferson County; 2nd Iowa County
Senior Reasons Team:  Iowa County
Juniors:  1st Jessica Patterson, Grant; 2nd Emma Steffes, Iowa; 3rd Avery Crooks, Grant; 4th Joey Robinson, Iowa; 5th Luke Patterson, Grant; 6th Tyler Schwartz, Juneau; 7th Lily Mitchell, Crawford; 8th Ryan Schubert, Iowa; 9th Ethan Lulich, Juneau; 10th Annie Robinson; Iowa
Junior Overall Team:  1st Grant; 2nd Iowa

For contest pictures go to the following link: https://plus.google.com/u/0/b/109852629348876173407/+WisconsinYouthLivestockProgram/posts/3gqp8KNmyjR

Directions: click on the album you want, click on the picture you want, click on more on top of the picture, click on download to download the picture to your computer.  Photos should have titles to help with matching up names/teams with photos.


Kewaunee County Winners:
Junior Individuals
Youth 1st – 5th Front Row L to R:  Samantha Rake, Brayden Peter, Ally Loosen, Cora Kohlman, Savannah Bailey
Youth 6th – 10th Back Row L to R: McKinley Krueger, Summer Rake, Paul Loosen, Ethan Kohlman, Macy Cross

Juniors 1st place Team –Sheboygan–
Front Row L to R: Brayden Peter, Ethan Kohlman, Cora Kohlman, Alison Gartman

Juniors 2nd place Team –Columbia–
Front Row L to R: Samatha Rake, Ryli Theis, Macy Cross, Summer Rake

Senior Individuals
Youth 1st – 5th Front Row L to R: Kailen Smerchek, Mallory Schmoll, Kimberly VonDonsel, Caden Nicolaus, Marie Prodell
Youth 6th – 10th Back Row: Stephanie Witberler, Anna Kitzerow, Alisha Klemme (Missing), Gabrielle Haen, Alex Falkowski

Seniors 1st place:  Marathon County
L to R:  Mae Sann, Kailen Smerchek, Mallory Schmoll, Stephanie Witberler, Alex Falkowski, Hunter Falkowski

Seniors 2nd place:  Kewaunee County
L to R:  Marie Prodell, Kimberly VonDonsel, Gabrielle Haen, Daria Ahrens

Clark County  Winners:
Youth 1st – 5th Front Row Left to Right:  Cora Capatske, Trent Laufenberg, Kinsey Singerhouse, Jessica Lindow, Taylor Maroszek

Youth 6th – 10th Back Row Left to Right: Taylor Kundinger (missing), Zack Peterson, Emily Zukowski, Austin Laufenberg, Luke Fischer

 Junior 1st Place Team: Pierce
Left to Right: Cora Capatske, Zack Peterson, Toby Shafer, Jordan Lamb

Junior 2nd place Team: Jackson
Left to Right: Luke Fischer, Grace Kling, Trent Laufenberg, Austin Laufenberg

Senior Individuals
Youth 1st – 5th Front Row Left to Right: Addie Grossbier, Hannah Tremaine, Jacob Boatman, Rachel Moseley, Isabelle Hudson

Youth 6th – 10th Back Row Left to Right:  Blake Johnson, Andrew Zukowski, Mara Quarne, Ceara Cull, Abby Leudke

Senior 1st Place Team: Dunn
Left to right: Abby Leudke, Andrew Zukowski, Addie Grossbier, Erika Kinnard, Kittrick Singerhouse, Danielle Zukowski

Senior 2nd Place Team: Pierce
Left to right: Lindsey Augustine, Jacob Boatman, Isabelle Hudson

Junior Individuals
Youth 1st – 5th Front row L to R: Jessica Patterson, Emma Steffes, Avery Crooks, Joey Robinson, Luke Patterson
Youth 6th – 10th Back Row Left to Right:  Tyler Schwartz, Lily Mitchell, Ryan Schubert, Ethan Lulich, Annie Robinson

Junior Team – 1st place: Grant
Left to Right:  Avery Crooks, Jessica Patterson, Brendan Jentz, Luke Patterson

Junior Team – 2nd place: Iowa
Left to Right:  Joey Robinson, Ryan Schubert, Annie Robinson, Emma Steffes

Senior Individuals
Youth 1st – 5th Front row L to R:  Brady Palzkill, (missing), Brandon Springer, Alexis Schultz, Chad Achenbach, Kendra Jentz

Youth 6th – 10th Back Row L to R: Gabby Wohlrab, Danielle Chwala, Virginia Klecker, Clayton Walsh, Dawson Firlus

Senior  1st Place Team: Jefferson County:
Left to right: Not available at the time of print

 Senior  2nd Place Team: Iowa County:
Left to right: Not available at the time of print


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