Reading with children doesn’t always require a storybook

The skills children bring with them to kindergarten, such as vocabulary, knowledge of letter names and sounds, and the ability to rhyme words, are strong predictors of future school success.

Parents—a child’s first and most valuable teachers—most often set these skills in motion long before a child enters preschool or other formal schooling situation.


Healthy screen use for families with toddlers

In most American households, screens now outnumber family members. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and televisions are part of everyday life for many families and children. With screen media playing a bigger role in our lives, how can parents know how much, and what kind of screen time, is healthy for their young children?


What does it take to be a wise parent?

King Solomon possessed it and Aristotle pursued it. Wisdom—the capacity to act in a thoughtful, practical, principled way when faced with difficult matters–is important in just about every aspect our lives. But the process of gaining wisdom is somewhat mysterious.