Resources on the proposed MFL changes

I will be presenting at the Statewide Cooperating Foresters Meeting tomorrow in Stevens Point on the proposed changes to the MFL. Here are some addtional resources.


Senate Bill 161* — updated as bill proceeds

Assembly Bill 402* — updated as bill proceeds

Legislative Council Study Committee to Review the Managed Forest Land Program [link broken] — static archive

*Most times the texts of bills provide summaries that do a good job of describing what the legislation would do.


Forestry Fact 107 — Proposed legislative changes to the MFL: Focus on local government (pdf)

Forestry Fact 108 — Proposed legislative changes to the MFL: Implications for current, new, and renewing landowners (pdf)

Blogpost on Extent of Leasing — all MFL-related content


Feb 9, 2012 DNR Testimony on SB 161

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