The vanishing middle-skilled job sector (WI State Jounal)

In this morning’s Wisconsin State Journal, the regular UWEX feature, “Econ Quiz”, reported on 2013 study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City on the “middle-skilled job sector.” Between 1983 and 2012, the number of jobs classified as middle-skilled nationwide dropped from 59% to 45%.

Middle-skilled jobs, according to the article, “generally requires more than a high school degree, specific skills certification, significant on-the-job training or considerable work experience.

This seems to fit many forestry occupations that include woods and mill workers. I plan to read the full Fed report (pdf) to see if there is anything Wisconsin specific, but this could be part of the challenge in attracting people into workforce, if there appears to be general decline for certain educational attainment and skills.

The “Econ Quiz” is a regular feature provided by the University of Wisconsin-Extension. Behind that broad umbrella is the Center for Community and Economic Development. Many past quizzes are posted there.

I would have posted a link to the Wisconsin State Journal Article, but I could not find the link on their website.

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