Porous Pavement in Tight Spots

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Pete Wood – Water Resources Engineer, WDNR
Bob Givens – Lead Engineer and Program Manager, OMNNI & Associates
Paul Eggen – Material Testing Manager, OMNNI & Associates

Porous Pavement Pete will update us on DNR’s recently initiated process to develop a technical standard for pervious pavements. This technical standard will specify the minimum requirements needed to plan, design, install and maintain pervious pavementsfor compliance with NR 151 performance standards.

When it comes to air shows EAA’s AirVenture is tops in the world. To expand, a new system of roads, taxiways and trails were necessary. As it came time to set aside space for stormwater management, the space that made the most sense topographically was the also most valuable from an exhibitor visibility standpoint. This provided the incentive for OMNNI Associates and EAA to look at numerous nontraditional methods to reduce runoff and improve water quality without losing valuable exhibit space. When it came down to it, porous asphalt along with a complex drainage system and biofilters were the answer. This presentation deals with design, construction and maintenance of these systems along with the specific challenges associated with this complex site.

Porous Asphalt at EAA AirVenture (PDF)