Common Questions

Below are some of the common questions that we get from people dealing with pesticide certification and licensing.  Remember, we are also available to answer your questions – See Contacts on the Home Page.

What do I have to do to get Certified and Licensed?

Below are the steps you need to do in order:

  1. Purchase the Certification Training Fee with either printed manual ($47), PDF e-manual($42) or online course ($60 also includes the PDF manual). Go to the PAT Store to make that purchase with a credit card. Sorry, we cannot take credit card orders over the phone.
  2. After you’ve studied the training material and feel you’re ready for the exam, schedule your exam through DATCP. You MUST provide the Training Registration Certificate to DATCP at time of testing to have your exam scored.
  3. Pass the exam (70% to pass). Certification lasts for 5 years. After 5 years, you must recertify (purchase updated training material and take the exam).
  4. Apply for a license through DATCP. These need to be renewed by December 31 each year, renewals are sent out in November.  Don’t forget, each business location will have to have a business license also.
  5. Quick Guide to Certification and Licensing.

I Lost my training registration certificate and I need to take the exam, what do I do?

You are required to give DATCP the training registration certificate at time of testing. DATCP will NOT process your exam without this certificate. The UW-PAT Program charges $10 for reissuing a lost certificate.  Retesting (if you fail an exam) does not require a new certificate. Certificates will ONLY be issued to applicators we have record of purchasing the training fee.  If we have no record of that purchase then a new training fee must be paid in full.  The reissued certificate will go to the address in the original order unless a new one is provided, it is then the responsibility of the applicator / company to send it to DATCP to have the exam processed.

I have not received my results, certification card or license yet.  Who do I contact?

The UW-PAT Program does not provide certification cards, applicator licenses or have access to your test results.  For these issues contact DATCP. If you have not received your certification card or license please email  DATCP is given 30 days to provide results and cards, but it often takes between two to three weeks. Exams taken at the Dane County (commercial only) testing center are scored immediately and provide results and cards after the test.

I have lost my certification card or license.  Can I get another one issued?

Yes you can, please contact DATCP at and ask to have another one reissued.  Please provide your name, certification / license number and shipping address to have another sent.  Forgot your certification number or license number? No worries look it up using the links provided.

I am not going to make it to my exam.  Do I need to let DATCP know?

Yes. It is a common courtesy to open up your seat to another applicator if you can’t make it to your exam.  Please email or call 608-224-4545.

I don’t know what certification category I need to be in.  How can I find out?

We have a list of categories that help guide you to the right one.  If you are still unsure, please feel free to contact us at or give us a call at 608-262-7588.

I failed my certification exam, do I have to pay again?

No you do not.  However, you may have to wait to take the exam.  On the first failure you can re-take the exam on the next available date AT LEAST 24 hours after your first one.  If you fail the second time or the third time you will have to wait 30 days from your last exam.  After that you have to wait 6 months.

Where do I go to pay the Certification Training Fee (with training materials)?

You order your certification training fees with training materials at the UW PAT Store.  Fees are charged per category selected. Private applicators, can purchase their fee and receive training at participating county extension offices.  There is a Commercial and a Private applicator section in the menu on the left at the PAT Store page.

How do pesticide licenses work and where do I apply for them?

Once you are certified (good for 5 years), then you have to apply for a Pesticide Applicator License.  This is $40 per applicator and is an annual charge. Renewal notices go out in November.  Pesticide applicator licenses all expire December 31st.  Help video for renewing online process.

I have a new employee, do I have to add them to my business license?

Yes.  You are supposed to add new employees to your business licenses as they are hired. Please email with a) your business license number; b) business name; c) new employee’s name and applicator license number.  They will be added to your license.

I got certified five years ago in Turf & Landscape, but did the Aquatic & Mosquito last year.  Does it expire when the Turf & Landscape expires?

Unfortunately yes.  Certification is a five year period.  Once it starts, anything that you do between that is an “amendment” [ a change or addition to a legal or statutory document ] to that existing five-year certification.  Adding categories to your five-year certification period does not have an affect on that period, meaning that the period ends at the same time no matter when you added to it. We recommend if possible achieving all the categories you need in the first year of starting your certification period.