Educational Resources

Educational Resources
Should I Raise A Small Poultry Flock (8 pages)
The Laying Flock (20 pages)
Careers in Poultry Science (17 pages)
Preparing for Winter (27 pages)

Housing Plans
Brooder House Plans (2 pages)
Laying House Plans (3 pages)
Bantam / Show Breed House Plans (4 pages)
Pigeon House Plans (3 pages)

Meat-type Chickens
Raising Meat-type Chickens (41 pages)
Home Processing Guide (13 pages)

4-H and FFA Project Guides by David Laatsch, former Dodge County UWEX agent and FFA instructor

Raising Ducks as a 4-H or FFA project

Raising Range Fed Chickens as a 4-H or FFA Project

Raising Roasters and Broilers

Raising Turkeys as a 4-H or FFA project

Eggs and Raising Ready-To-Lay Pullets as a 4H or FFA Project