Special Topics – Basic Applications of Qualitative and Quantitative Data Collection and Analysis

Next Session: To be determined, ( 4/28/2016, Wausau CANCELLED see note in red below): The purpose of the special topics hands-on workshop is to address the needs of Extension colleagues who desire some in-depth training on qualitative or quantitative data collection and analysis.  Through hands-on examples, colleagues will learn to select and apply appropriate data collection techniques and analytical methods to answer common types of evaluation questions.
Participants can expect to engage in a number of fun, practical exercises that will help them think about their programs in different ways and confidently apply new skills directly to their own work. Links to resources for more in-depth information on particular subject areas of interest will also be provided.

This interactive workshop module starts at 9:00 AM and ends at approximately 3:00 PM, with lunch included.
(The session that was being offered on April 28, 2016 at the Jefferson Street Inn, Wausau, Wisconsin has been cancelled due to low enrollment.  Please check back for a future offering.  Contact Jenn Kushner, jennifer.kushner@ces.uwex.edu with any questions regarding future sessions.)

Instructors:  Lori Bakken (overview), David Trechter and Nav Ghimire (quantitative); Christian Schmieder and Samuel Pratsch (qualitative)
Audience:  Extension educators or liaisons who have experience with evaluation and program development or who would like more in-depth training in specific aspects of qualitative or quantitative data analysis.
Prerequisites:  There are no prerequisite for this workshop. It would be helpful to be familiar with Program Development as well as Evaluation of programming. For questions regarding the content of this workshop contact Lori Bakken, lori.bakken@ces.uwex.edu
Participants must have prior approval to attend from their District Regional Director, Program Director or WNEP Coordinator.



Limit of 30 for all workshops except Special Topics – Basic Applications of Qualitative & Quantitative Data Collection & Analysis – Limit of 15


Participants are responsible for making their own lodging reservations if required.  A block of rooms is usually available and released one month before the workshop date.  Please indicated that you are with the UW-Extension group and include the name of the workshop when contacting the hotel.  If the hotel does not have lodging and you are not able to find another hotel close by, you may contact Katy Sticha for suggestions. See Cancellation below regarding cancellation policy on lodging.


$50.00 (Registration Fee covers participant’s costs including materials and food.) Participants are encouraged to secure support (from district or other sources) to cover lodging and meal expenses while attending the program. In all cases, participants are responsible for their expenses traveling to and from the program (mileage, parking fees, meals, lodging, etc.).


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