Curriculum Supplements and Marketing

Marketing tools

Below is a collection of marketing materials that have been used by state colleagues for marketing the RTC class to parents.

[Please note: some file types, such as Publisher files, are not permitted by WordPress. If you would like an editable version of any of the PDF files below, please contact the Family Living Educator in the listed county.]

Generic Brochure clip art – Oneida County

Want to make your own generic brochure (without dates and times for upcoming session)? THIS is the file you want:

Generic Brochure clip art reduced – Template

(disclaimer: this brochure was originally developed using Pages, a Mac program. There is the risk that the formatting will be changed when used in Word.)

Raising a Thinking Child Flyer – Walworth County

Raising a Thinking Child Brochure – Walworth County

Raising A Thinking Child Brochure – Marquette & Waushara Counties

Long News Release – Oconto County

RTC workshop news release – Oneida County

News Release – Green County