Microwave food safety – an illustration of the risks

To add insult to injury, food safety colleagues in Australia are not only dealing with bush fires, but also an outbreak of illness linked to Salmonella from frozen microwave meals. Nearly 90 people across Australia have become sick in an outbreak linked to Core Powerfoods frozen meals.

What we know:

  • Salmonella and other pathogens will not grow in frozen foods.
  • Salmonella and other pathogens can survive freezing temperatures. If frozen food is mishandled, like when food is thawed on the counter, Salmonella can grow when the food starts to warm.
  • If contamination is present in frozen microwave meals and the meals are not heated thoroughly (165°F)  a person can get sick from eating the food.

For tips on cooking safely in a microwave oven see yesterday’s blog post and stay food-safe. Barb