Food Safety in the Time of COVID-19: The fun of handwashing

We return today to handwashing since that seems to be such an important response to the coronavirus and COVID-19.  And some good news and fun for a Friday.

The good news: so many sources are sharing consistent (and evidence-based) messages about food safety and nutrition.  Many of these messages are ‘old friends’ and practicing food safety and healthy eating can reassure us that we are doing our best to help keep family and friends safe and healthy. Check earlier Blog posts here, and the most recent updates here, for a run-down of food safety messages (and more will be coming next week).

There is also some fun to be had, especially with handwashing.

  • There’s Neil Diamond’s remake of Sweet Caroline (for Neil Diamond fans like me) that provides a chance to rethink handwashing and physical distancing.
  • There’s the Wash your Lyrics site where young and old alike can create their own handwashing poster by choosing a favorite song.  When kids young and old love creating handwashing posters, there has to be something good that is coming from the current pandemic!
  • And once your kids get hooked on handwashing, check out the Fun with Kids website for more ideas.
  • The CDC also has a page on handwashing as a family activity.
  • Search online for ‘kids faucet extender‘ for a spring-time treat that will have your kids rushing to wash their hands as an elephant, duck, dolphin or other cool shape directs water to your youngsters’ hands.

And who would have thought that we would all learn so much about epidemiology, with terms like ‘physical distancing’ and ‘flattening the curve’ as now part of everyday conversation.  Above all, we are learning and practicing habits that will help protect us and our families and keep us ‘food safe’ even after the current pandemic is over. Stay well and food-safe, Barb