Canned items recalled for food safety risk

Randall Foods Inc. of Cincinnati, Ohio has expanded its recall of certain jarred beans under the “Hurst’s” Brand because of manufacturing deviations that may pose a potential health risk. The recall already includes 1.6 million cases of glass jars.  Included in the expanded recall are an additional 437 cases of jarred Great Northern Beans sold under the Hurst’s brand and distributed in 10 states, including Wisconsin.

“The manufacturing deviations included a non-functioning temperature indicating device raising the possibility that the product was not effectively processed,” according to the Cincinnati, OH, company’s recall notice posted by the Food and Drug Administration.

Processing at temperatures below a required temperature could create a condition that could lead to botulism toxin forming in the jars on the shelf, or to food spoilage.

The product was co-packed and sold in 4- ounce glass jars with yellow labels with “Hurst’s Brand” at the label top. The company shipped 437 cases of affected product  between Nov.7, 2019, and Sept. 28, 2020, for distribution in the following states: Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.

There is concern that consumers may have unused portions of the beans in their homes because of the long shelf of the products, which have best-by dates through 2025.

The expanded recalled products shipped to Wisconsin include:

Brand Description UPC Batch/Lot Numbers “Best By” Date
Hurst Glass Jar Fully Cooked Great Northern Beans 48OZ 0 256012 0 TGN19253 9/9/2022

Originally recalled beans included more than a dozen products of Randall beans in glass jars.  Products included Randall Great Northern Beans (conventional and organic), Randall Pinto Beans, Randall Mixed Beans, Randall Kidney Beans, Randall Navy Beans, Randall Black Beans, Randall Garbanzo Beans and Randall’s Ultimate 4-Bean Mix. Jar sizes varied from 15.4 oz to 48 oz., depending on product. Complete lot information is available on the previously recalled product.

As of the posting of the recall notice, there had been no illnesses reported. 

Consumers who have purchased jars of Hurst’s brand beans, with the above lot number or “Best By” date should return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.

Consumers are urged to check pantry shelves for this product. Stay well and food safe, Barb

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