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The jar sealed, is the food still safe? (and other questions)

Tested recipes recommend glass Mason-style jars and 2-piece self-sealing lids for home canning. In the past few weeks, several calls have come in about jars and lids, and ensuring a good seal when canning foods at home. Handling jars and lids correctly will go a long way towards successfully preserving your garden’s bounty for the […]

Bake Before You Bite

Even more evidence this week from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) of the importance of cooking flour-containing products before eating. National foodborne illness outbreaks in 2016 and again in 2019 tied to pathogenic E. coli have been linked to consumers eating raw dough or batter.  An outbreak report released this week indicated that several people interviewed […]

Botulism risk: Canned beans recalled from Costco

Faribault Foods Inc. (Minnesota) is recalling certain cans of S&W Organic Black Beans and Chili Beans sold at Costco stores because the cans may have compromised seals that could lead to botulism poisoning. The compromised hermetic seal may affect can integrity and may cause the cans to leak, bloat or allow bacteria, such as Clostridium […]

Preparing for a home food preservation season: pressure canners

A pressure canner may have a dial gauge for indicating the pressure or a weighted gauge, for indicating and regulating the pressure. Regardless of the type of canner chosen, the USDA recommends that a canner be large enough to hold at least 4-quart jars standing upright on the rack, with the lid in place. A […]

Best practices when choosing home canning jars

The most important step in safe home canning is to follow an up-to-date research tested recipe, including using a standard glass jar. Jars for home canning come in a wide variety of sizes, ½ pint, pint, 1½ pint, quart, and ½ gallon sizes. Not all sizes can be safely used in a recipe, so check […]

U.S. set to declare Sesame as a major allergen

Millions of Americans have food allergies and may experience an adverse reaction to products that contain allergens. Of those that are school age, an estimated 8% of children in the United States have a food allergy. That’s 1 in 13 children, or about 2 students per classroom. A food allergy occurs when the body has […]


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