Preserving Wisconsin’s Harvest

  • Tips for a Successful Year of Food Preservation –  Slides. The right equipment and the most up-to-date information will start the season off right.
  • Home Freezing of Foods –  Slides. Freezing is an easy method of food preservation. Join us to find out how to freeze foods that your family will enjoy.
  • Canning Basics –  Slides. Whether pressure canning or canning in a boiling water canner, there are some basic steps to make sure canning is done right.
  • Making Jams and Jellies –   Slides. Learn how to make tasty fruit spreads that capture the taste of summer or fall.
  • Drying Fruits and Vegetables at Home –  Slides. Drying foods can be fun! Learn how to get started using this easy food preservation method.
  • Canning Vegetables Safely Slides. Turn up the heat (and pressure) to safely can garden vegetables.
  • Canning Tomatoes and Tomato ProductsSlides. Join us for tips on canning tomatoes tart and tasty.
  • Canning Fruits Safely Slides. The bounty of the orchard preserved for the winter, tips on canning fruits safely will be shared.
  • Time to Make Pickles–  Slides. Learn tips for making pickles that are safe enough for Grandma to enjoy (and tasty too).
  • Fermenting Foods at Home­Slides. Sauerkraut, genuine dills and yogurt are delicious fermented foods easy to prepare at home.
  • Storing Fruits and VegetablesSlides. Learn how to enjoy the bounty of farm and orchard for months to come.
  • Preserving  Meat Safely­ Slides. Dried, frozen, or canned – we’ll discuss tips for preserving safe, high quality meat.
  • A Safe Thanksgiving and Crockpot Safety  – Slides. Tips for preparing a safe holiday meal, and ideas for using your crock pot safely.