Approved Garden Projects

To provide support and guidance to all Approved Garden Projects
to ensure the Approved Garden Project co-chairs implement the
expectations of the UW-Extension Master Gardener Program.

Garden Support Committee (GSC) Activities that Support Approved Garden Projects:
Volunteer Opportunity Fair:
Usually held on the third Saturday in January each year the fair provides an opportunity for Master Gardener Volunteers (MGVs) and those in training to learn about the SEWMG Approved Garden Projects and Educational Projects where volunteer hours can be earned.  It is also an occasion to meet the Approved Garden Project co-chairs and network with other MGVs.

Garden Chair Forum:
Tailored specifically to all Approved Garden Project co-chairs; however, any MGV who volunteers at an Approved Garden Project is welcome to attend.  At this forum we review all administrative tasks associated with operating an Approved Garden Project; including duties and responsibilities of garden co-chairs and expectations of an Approved Garden Project.  We also introduce any procedural changes and new opportunities.

Public Garden Tours:
Bi-annually the GSC plans and sponsors Public Open House Garden Tours at various SEWMG Approved Garden Projects.  MGVs guide visitors and answer questions regarding UW-Extension researched methods for gardening as well as answer questions about the Master Gardener Volunteer Program.

Annual Approved Garden Project Review:
All Approved Garden Projects are scheduled for review by the GSC at least once every three years.  A Garden Review is completed and shared with the Approved Garden Project co-chairs.  This allows members of the GSC to lend support to all co-chairs and assist in providing resources that they may need to continue to meet the standards of the UW-Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Program.