Board of Directors and Committee Chairs

SouthEast Wisconsin Master Gardener Association MGVs share their organizational and leadership skills by serving as board members, officers, and committee chairpersons.

SEWMG Board of Directors 2019

Voting members

  • President:  Jennifer Lazewski
  • Vice President/President-Elect:  Dave Heeren
  • Secretary:  Bernita Hile
  • Treasurer:  Lawrence Paplham
  • Board Chair:  Janet Wintersberger
  • Two-year Director:  Kathy Mintner
  • One-year Director:  Mary Wolverton
  • Director-At-Large:  Susan McDonell
  • Director-At-Large:  Ann Loper

Ex-Officio (non-voting) members

  • Immediate Past President:  Roger Kocher
  • Assistant Treasurer:  Valorie Sangsland
  • WIMGA Representative:  John Hahn
  • UW-Madison Extension Waukesha County:  Ann Wied
  • UW-Madison Extension Milwaukee County: Caitlin Sprague

Committee Chairpersons

  • Finance:  Janet Wintersberger
  • Garden Support:  Jennifer Lazewski
  • Holiday Party:  Judy Williamson, Patty Witt
  • Hospitality:  Mary and Fred Redlinger
  • In-House Programs:  Rita Piper
  • Leadership:  Roger Kocher
  • Logo Wear:  Peg Schellin, Bette Frangesch
  • Membership: Patty Witt
  • Newsletter:  Sandy Manning, Janet Wintersberger
  • Plant Sale:  Pat Adrian, Bonnie Paplham, Lawrence Paplham, Mark Pawlak, Sue Ratkowski, Bill Shaffer, Diane Thieme, Patty Witt
  • Special Events (Home Show & State Fair):  Valorie Sangsland, Connie Tjarksen
  • Sunshine:  Judy Savage
  • Trips and Tours:  Doris Fons, Lindy Pawlak

Contact information can be found in the Directory of SEWMG volunteers.