Training Materials

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Previous Trainings:

Level 2 Training Spring 2018: Houseplants

Week 3: Popular & Recommended Houseplants
Popular and Recommended Houseplants 6-slide

Week 2: Care & Feeding of Houseplants

Week 1, Part 1: Orchids
Getting Started With Orchids – Outline
Getting Started With Orchids- Slides

Week 1, Part 2: Cacti & Succulents
Major Families and Genera of Succulent Plants
Growing Succulents In The Upper Midwest – Handout
Growing Succulents – Slides

Level I Training Fall 2017

Level 1 Orientation Part 1:
Level 1 Orientation Part 2:
Woody Plants — Mike Maddox
Lawn Care for Homeowners (10-10-17)
IPM Reflections
The Top 6 Inches  (Soils Presentation)      (Optional)
Plant Diseases  — Brian D. Hudelson
Answers for Interpreting Soil Test Results
Herbaceous Ornamentals: Annuals and Perennials
Flowers With Flair  (Presentation)
Flowers With Flair  (hand-out)
Veggies A-Z   (Presentation)
Spring Vegetable Planting Schedule
Making Your Own Seed Tapes
Veggies Class Excercises
Entomology (Insects) — PJ Liesch
Weeds and Invasives
Do-It-Yourself Fruits

Level 2 Spring 2017: Tree & Shrubs in Our Landscapes

Week 1: Trees and Shrubs in Our Landscapes
Trees and Shrubs Video Part 1
Trees and Shrubs Video Part 2
Most Common Trees and Shrubs Class Hand-Out:
Our Most Common Trees and Shrubs – Slides

Week 2: Most Common Insect Pests of Trees and Shrubs in Our Landscapes
Insects Video Part 1
Insects Video Part 2
Insect Pests – Slides

Week 3: Most Common Diseases of Trees and Shrubs in Our Landscapes
Diseases Video
Tree Diseases Handout

Week 4: Better Selection of Trees and Shrubs for Our Landscapes
Better Selections of Trees and Shrubs for Our Landscapes   Word Document
Better Selections of Trees and Shrubs for Our Landscapes   PDF Document
Better Selections Video  Part 1
Better Selections Video  Part 2

Level 2 Spring 2015 “Gardening with Wildlife”

Session 1:  Speaker Christelle Guedot
Pollinators:  Importance, Decline, and Conservation”  (Power Point)
Pesticides and Honey Bees
Supporting Native Bees
Conserving Bumble Bees
Great Lakes Pollinator Bees

Session 2:  Speaker David Drake
“Wildlife Management in Your Yard”  (Power Point)
Wildlife Damage Management

Session 3:  Speaker Dianne Robinson
Your Yard As Habitat

Session 4:  Speaker Susan Mahr
Butterflies in the Backyard    (Presentation)
Gardening with Beneficial Insects   (Presentation)


Level 2 Training Spring 2014

Landscape Design
GardenDesign – Carrie Hennessy


Level 2 Training Fall 2011

Native Plants:  Ecology, Cultivation and Use of Wisconsin Native Plants
Natural Systems of Wisconsin


Specialty Training Fall 2010 Grow Your Own Vegetables

Sharon Morrisey, Consumer Horticulture Agent, Milwaukee County UWEX
Grow Your Own Vegetables
Vegetables for Wisconsin Gardens
Vegetable Garden Pests

Specialty Training Fall 2009 Landscape Plants and Lawns

Soils and How They Affect Plants Jim Stute, Rock County UWEX
Soils and how they affect plants

Deciduous Shrubs Sharon Morrisey, Consumer Horticulture Agent, Milwaukee County UWEX
Deciduous Shrubs: The good, the bad, the ugly

Weed ID & Control Mark Renz, UW Weed Specialist
Weed ID Management

Care of Woody Landscape Plants Dr. Laura G. Jull – Nursery Specialist, Department of Horticulture, UW-Madison
Proper Tree and Shrub Planting
Proper Tree and Shrub Nutrition in Urban Landscape
Pruning and Training Small Trees and Shrubs

Deciduous Trees Mike Maddox, Rock County UWEX
Deciduous Trees

Conifers Barb Larson, Kenosha County UWEX
Conifer Power Point Presentation

Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care Dr. Patti Nagai, Racine County UWEX
Organic Lawn Care Power Point Presentation 1
Organic Lawn Care Power Point Presentation 2

Specialty Training Fall 2008 Herbaceous Ornamentals
Using Containers and Tropicals – Mark Dwyer
Weeds – Mark Renz
Flower Garden Design – Jim Drzewiecki (not provided)
Herbaceous Garden Design – Eileen Nelson
Annuals Our Widening Garden Palette – Carol Beatty (not available)
Flowering Bulbs – Steve Lesch – This information is copyrighted

Herbaceous Perennials – Ed Lyons
Insect Pests (Color) – Dr. Chris Williamson
Insect Pests (Black & White) – Dr. Chris Williamson
Diseases – Dr. Brian Hudelson


Fall Specialty Training 2007 Native Plants, Plant Communities and Natural Landscaping October 3 – 31, 2007

Summer Specialty Short Course 2007 Trees & Shrubs